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e offer a number of workshops and teleclasses designed to support your evolution – from thought-provoking discussion groups, to the Mastership series which supports deep learning and the development of internal mastery.

You can also learn the Soul Memory Discovery process, to use either on yourself with the Opening to Your Soul workshop, or with clients as a certified Facilitator  with our Facilitator Intensive.

Already a Soul Memory Discovery Facilitator?  Join us for our periodic Reunions and Teleclass series each year.

You’ll find information on all of our offerings here as they become available.


The Mastership Program


he Mastership Program is a 12-month (Level I and Level II) course in which we take the deep journey in to our essences. This quest enables us to deepen our connection with Spirit, cultivate the unending wisdom and creativity of our Full Selves, and achieve a state of mastery and presence within.

We meet in a teleconference for 1½ hours once a month. We learn together, and Spirit shares with us a 5-10 minute daily practice, which we do over the course of the month. In the middle of the month, we meet on the phone with our questing-partner, to share our experience and deepen the practice for ourselves. And I invite every participant to call me in the course of the month to speak about how the practice and personal evolution are becoming for them. Each month there is a new area of focus, and another quality that we grow within ourselves.

Since 2012, hundreds of us have journeyed through, and many of us have just completed Mastership Level VI. The program continues to “knock our collective socks off”!   It is the most powerful spiritual work I have ever done for myself.

18 CEU’s are available for therapists and nurses

  • [Because of Mastership] I am truly experiencing heaven on earth and am so excited about everything that is going on!  I am so looking forward to yet more spiritual progress.

  • So many "thank you's" for Mastership.  It was a life changing experience for which I am so very grateful!

  • Today, I thank you for the Mastership Program. The classes, singularly and collectively, over the many months, have changed me and my life forever!  I still have the same purpose — now it is with so much more knowledge, and ease, and grace, and the peace of knowing that my guides and angels are with me every minute of every day.

  • Mastership is the most amazing journey I’ve been on. It is deep, profound, and amazingly easy, and I think is supported and directed my journey more than any other study I’ve done with Ellen, or with anyone. You don’t have to work at it. It’s all so simple. You want to live in each step of the process. If there is any way you can take the course next time round, please do.

  • Thank you for the gifts of the Mastership Program! And may I nourish and hold the wisdom you’ve brought to my soul!


The Herstory of The World


he Divine Feminine Herstories are the stories-from-before-time that foundation our world.   They are mystical epic tales that tell of the complex relationships between the Feminine and Masculine, Heaven and Earth, and Humankind and the Divine.

We gather together on a 1½ hour teleconference, once a week, for 4 weeks, to hear the stories and discuss them. Each story carries a wound, and so, is unfinished. It is our job to provide the healing and complete each story, so that we may continue to evolve in accordance with the Divine Design. As the sage teaches, “When we change the story, we change the world!”

  • I now realize that repair of the world begins with repair of ourselves! It is such a pleasure and an honor to know you — and learn and grow and expand our Consciousness. Thank you!

  • Much celebration of your sharing of your gifts and your tenderness. This class changed my life.


Please keep checking back for new Herstory dates – we’d love to have you join us next time!


The Sweet & Easy Lighten Up Workshop


f you have ever wondered about Pain and Suffering, Faith and Trust, Compassion and Healing and Spirit it is time to Lighten Up !!!

Come play with us in this workshop to learn about

~ the nature of our Souls

~ the meaning of Life

~ 3D and the Fifth Dimension

~ Separation and Oneness Consciousness

~ this Ascension Process

~ Joy and Bliss and Peace

(…just the small stuff!)

This Workshop is now available as a Virtual Workshop
You’ll receive the recording after you order


It’s encouraging and empowering and gives us a new way to see the world!


The Sweet & Easy Pendulum Workshop


f you ever wanted to learn how to successfully use a pendulum to communicate with your Guidance Team ~ come play with us to develop your skills and find out

~ what a pendulum is and how it works

~ how to open and close Sacred and Protected Space

~ how to get clear and accurate information

~ how to communicate with your Guidance Team

~ easy protocols for accessing information

~ how to care for your pendulum and keep it cleansed

This Workshop is now available as a Virtual Workshop
You’ll receive the recordings of both the
Pendulum Workshop and Question & Answer session
After you order


It’s fun and delightful and opens whole new worlds to you!


The Sweet & Easy Guidance Workshop


f you have ever wondered Who Are My Guides? and How Can I Communicate With Them? come play with us!

Grab your pendulum and Zoom along with Ellen Kaufman Dosick for 2 hours, to learn about

~ the nature of our Guidance Teams

~ how to open and close Sacred and Protected Space

~ who our Guides may be…

~ …and how to find out

~ how to communicate with your Guidance Team…

~ … and how to stay connected

~ how to use your pendulum for that purpose

This Workshop is now available as a Virtual Workshop
You’ll receive the recording after you order



It’s fun and delightful and opens whole new worlds to you!


Open to Your Soul


earn the Soul Memory Discovery process for yourself! Over these 4-days you’ll learn the essence of the Soul Memory Discovery process, specifically designed for personal use. You’ll learn exactly how to do for yourself what is done in a Soul Memory session.

The sacred procedures are simple and straightforward — tools you can use for self-discovery, self-healing, and enrichment for the rest of your life. And you will experience a lovely acceleration of spiritual growth and personal evolution over the course of the class.

Every morning and afternoon, we will enter a new gate, moving closer and closer to our Heart of Hearts, our Holy of Holies, learning through discussion, lecture, demonstration, and hands-on practice.

The 1st Gate
Creating Sacred Space, entering the Holy, and using a pendulum

The 2nd Gate
Exploring past lives and healing Karmic Issues

The 3rd Gate
Playing in the mysteries and re-membering who you are

The 4th Gate
Connecting with your Guides and exploring relationships

The 5th Gate
Finding your mission and life purpose

The 6th Gate
Honoring the evolution of your soul and playing with Spirit

Opening to Your Soul is a 4-day “retreat” with Spirit!

Registration will be $485

  • Please know that my life is so different since I followed my guidance to participate in the class! Each day I remember more and more. Thank you for all you have done so I could remember!

  • I want you to know how perfect your class was: How wonderful it is to breathe in and breathe out and to feel the gift of protection and guidance… of just being my Authentic Self and loving from the heart. Thank you.

  • Thank you for helping us learn to be loving channels for the “bigger picture” to flow through… for holding space for us to return to Self-Worth, to Wholeness…

  • The world just opened wide for me in a way I always dreamed it would. You’ve shown me a way to find even more answers for myself. Wow! THANK YOU!                      

  • Thank you eternally for this Opening to Your Soul weekend, and for sharing the most beautiful messages that I have been waiting and longing for — a way to remember who I am and why I came here…


This workshop is offered in person only and is held in the San Diego area.  We’re pre-registering now and, as we’re able to come together to learn while taking really good care of our health and well-being, we’ll be in touch with dates and an invitation to finalize your registration.


Become a Soul Memory Discovery Facilitator


his is the course which allows you to learn the full Soul Memory Discovery Process, so you can practice as a Soul Memory Discovery Facilitator, and use this approach to facilitate others’ healing, as well as your own. The course material includes:

Clearing the Field and Shielding
Spirit Detachment, release of limiting energies, connecting with Guardian Angels, co-creating shields

Releasing Karma
Releasing multi-dimensional issues, exploring past lives, male-female balancing, chakra de-cording, soul retrieval work, releasing hyper-sensitivity

The Esoteric Work
Karmic relationships, channeling, mission and purpose, connecting with MasterGuides, angelology, soul partnering, new souls

The Expansion Processes
Cosmology, the Physical Processes, the Original Wounding Work, the Flower of Life Work, the Time Work, the Miracling Work, the Flow Work

The 70 hours of learning include lecture, demonstration, discussion and much hands-on practice. At the completion of the course, you will receive a certificate which allows you to work as a Soul Memory Discovery Facilitator.

70 CEU’s are available for therapists and nurses

Registration will be $2900 (payment plans will be available)

  • I came to your home [for the Facilitator Workshop] unsure as to whether I belonged amongst the others.  With the point of the pendulum came so much knowledge and wisdom and understanding in all dimensions.  I became re-connected to All and on a path of purpose.  The floodgates literally opened and I am exploring and asking questions daily and nightly.  The most certain aspect is that I most definitely belong!

  • Your presence is such a touchstone for us — reflecting your graciousness, your patience, your strength at standing up to illusion. Thank you for showing me and reminding me how it’s done. I was forgetting…

  • I have always appreciated your patience, your love, your compassion, your clear, enlightened, magnificent connection! I thank you, with all my heart, for all of the years of “guiding” you have shared with me.

  • I am eternally grateful that the Divine brought you and Soul Memory Discovery into my life to assist with lifting my vibration and transforming my life, in all areas. Thank you so much!

  • Thank you so much! I am amazed at what can be accomplished with Divine Guidance. I am literally eternally grateful to you!

  • The best words I can find to describe what it feels like to sit with you, listening to information that I need to hear — are awe, humility, admiration, and a sense of honor — to be with you and laugh with you, and listen to Guidance through you. Gratitude, Gratitude, Gratitude!


This workshop is offered in person only and is held in the San Diego area.  We’re pre-registering now and, as we’re able to come together to learn while taking really good care of our health and well-being, we’ll be in touch with dates and an invitation to finalize your registration.

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