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Do you often find yourself trying to understand the larger picture?

Are you aware of patterns in your world and want to know what they mean?


The Spiritual Headline News


Many people consider the Cosmic Times to be the “Spiritual Headline News”, filled with answers that help them make sense of their lives and this world. Some people say, “The Cosmic Times saves my life! It helps me maintain my sanity in a crazy world!”


Why read the Cosmic Times?

  • It helps to know that there are good reasons for the way you’re feeling!

  • It can be great to know that what you’re experiencing is REAL!

  • That many others are experiencing it also!

  • And that you are actually in tune with your world!


his channeled information about our world has been coming on a regular basis since 1994. Many people have been growing and expanding their Conscious awareness about themselves, Earth’s and Humankind’s evolution, and the Divine, for over 25 years, through reading these Cosmic Times.

The messages are beautiful, uplifting, inspiring, and absolutely fascinating and enlightening.

  • The [Cosmic Times] gives me so much valuable information, it puts things in perspective and I no longer feel alone in my experiences and journey. I so look forward every month to the Cosmic Times!

  • The [Cosmic Times] gives me so much valuable information, it puts things in perspective and I no longer feel alone in my experiences and journey. I so look forward every month to the Cosmic Times!

    Sandra D. RN
  • Once again, here comes my Cosmic Times!  It fills my heart so very much . . . and brings strength and peace into my life.

  • Heart felt thanks for all you are doing . . . your Divine Work is helping to transform the World.

  • What a wild, exhausting, haunting ride we are on!  I say "haunting" because of he glimpses we get of profound unity only to be swallowed up into the chaos it takes to get there.  [The Cosmic Times] always gives me peace.

  • The Cosmic Times is the answer to a prayer I have been praying over and over - it pulled my Soul out of the drama.  Today, I have more Pep than I've had in a while.

  • Of course I LOVE my Cosmic Times and the clarity that it brings to everything going on around, and in me.   Ellen, how does your head not completely blow off your body when you are communicating with The Ascension Council???  How many times do you throw your head back and laugh out loud at these cosmic comedians??!!  I'm trying to find the words to express how much I love YOU, this LABOR OF LOVE that you share for all of our benefit!  I don't think I'll ever be able to truly tell you how grateful and blessed I am!


Some Excerpts from recent Cosmic Times

We are calling your swerving and leaping and jumping a beautiful Dance of Transformation because so many of you are now listening to the same music — and believe it or not — this sweet Ascension Song is touching you and moving you — you are all beginning to dance — and it is beautiful.

– Cosmic Times – Oct 2018

You understand of course, that all your systems, including governments, national “boundaries,” and overarching cultures are in the process of disintegrating, so that their new, Fifth Dimensional versions may begin to birth. This disintegration is disruptive and at times, painful. It is all neither “good” nor “bad”. It simply IS what is required in order for your world to progress in the direction of Ascension and Consciousness.

– Cosmic Times – Sep 2018

There is so much to congratulate you about! Time and again, over the course of these very intense several months, you have stepped up to the plate to take a swing at whatever kind of ball is being pitched. Almost every morning, you wake up, put both feet on the floor and say, “Hinneni! Here I Am!” You are not hiding away or pretending to be small or desperately trying to numb yourselves or playing dead. You are owning your aliveness and stepping forward into the warp and weft of your living — You are indeed, to be congratulated.

– Cosmic Times – Aug 2018

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