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he Soul Memory Discovery community began in 1997 when 22 healers, therapists, and physicians from all over the United States came to San Diego, California, for 10 days to learn to facilitate the Soul Memory Discovery process from the Master Practitioner and Teacher, Ellen Kaufman Dosick.  They were looking for a healing modality that would go beyond all the substantial tools they already used in their practices. And Soul Memory Discovery exceeded their hopes and expectations.

Since then, Ellen has been privileged to teach hundreds of other healers, lightworkers, and seekers the Soul Memory Discovery process. There are beautiful people all around the world now, doing Soul Memory Discovery work for themselves, with their families, and in their communities.

Soul Memory Discovery Facilitators now belong to a vast global family that regularly meets and supports all of its members through teleclasses and workshops. Participants in Soul Memory Discovery sessions and subscribers to the Cosmic Times are also connected  to a supportive network of like-minded seekers through a variety of teleclasses, workshops, retreats, groups, and social media.

Over the years, this expansive and multi-layered network has evolved into a community that supports seekers at all levels of interest, experience, and awareness.  We invite you to join us and experience the joy and delight, love and compassion, generosity and blessing that we continuously celebrate in and with each other!

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