Do you often find yourself trying to understand the larger picture?

Are you aware of patterns in your world and do you want to know what they mean?


The Cosmic Times is a monthly, 5 to 8 page channeled newsletter, filled with detailed information about what is happening energetically in our Cosmos, and how we can best support the emerging Consciousness within ourselves, and our world.

Every issue contains a spiritual process and technique for you to do, that enables you to be in greater harmony with the unfolding evolution, so that your life becomes easier and more graceful.

Many people consider the Cosmic Times to be like the “Spiritual Headline News”, filled with answers that help them make sense of their lives and this world. Some people say, “The Cosmic Times saves my life! It helps me maintain my sanity in a crazy world!”

  • It can help you to know that there are good reasons for the way you are feeling!
  • It can be great to know that what you are experiencing is REAL!
  • And that many others are experiencing it also!
  • And that you are actually in tune with your world!

This channeled information about our world has been coming on a regular basis, since 1994. Many people have been growing and expanding their Conscious awareness about themselves, Earth’s and Humankind’s evolution, and the Divine, for over 17 years now, through reading these Cosmic Times .

The messages are beautiful, uplifting, inspiring, and absolutely fascinating and enlightening.

The Cosmic Times can be delivered by Email or U.S. Mail.

1 Year by eMail for $49.95

2 Years by eMail for $89.95

1 Year by Snail Mail for $59.95

2 Years by Snail Mail for $109.95


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