The Dragon come to Earth

Doesn’t it feel as though we are in a really intense Mercury Retrograde? Almost nothing is smooth or easy. If anything can possible go awry, it seems to run to do that. So much is breaking down — communications, schedules, computers, major appliances, major relationships… it’s almost funny. Almost. What’s happening? Everything was supposed to be so much better after the Winter Solstice! (whine, complain, bellyache, etc) Actually, everything is much better. We and everyone and everything around us are taking in the enormous influxes of Light that began in December, and we are all evolving. But we are

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Thank goodness the Cosmic Times is due out next week!  Wow, do we have questions that hopefully will begin to be answered in this February edition!  I can list about 17 or 23 off the top of my head, and I’m sure each of us has our own big-question list for Spirit! Mine begins:  What is the purpose of this particular chaos right now?   How much longer before we have some clarity?  What’s happening with time?  When do things begin moving again?  And what’s the wait about now?  What’s happening with vibratory levels for us and for Earth?  What’s

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