Enormous Transformation

Can you feel it??  Can you sense it??  Such an enormous transformation, such an immense shift is taking place even as we speak!  There are such big happenings underway that the October Cosmic Times, which wouldn’t normally write itself until the very last days of September, is already insisting upon coming in.  The period of the 10 days between the New Moon of Rosh HaShana and the end of Yom Kippur is considered a very powerful time — and truly, this time, took the cake! The High HolyDays are quite profound — Rosh HaShana, the New Year, gives us […]

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So many amazing things are happening! I need to talk today about material that was at the heart of the August edition of the Cosmic Times — so I apologize to those of you who haven’t yet read it, because you will probably find yourself confused — and again, I invite you, I urge you, to please not miss this Cosmic Times, and to go get your copy now by clicking HERE! So here goes: Do you remember that because of the very ancient herstory which resulted in Mankind’s banishment by Earth and Light becoming the exclusive domain of Mankind, […]

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The Age of Aquarius

What an amazing time! We all seem to be hitting the wall so fast and so hard, it’s almost impossible to stay on top of it all! We are losing family and friends and health and relationships and pets and homes and jobs and vehicles. The foundations of our beliefs and values and expectations and dreams are being challenged and broken up and carted away. And of course, the grief for many of us is overwhelming, and we are having lots of good cries every day. From a 3-D perspective, this is awful. From a larger perspective, this is […]

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Flowing Through …

I am so excited to tell you that the August edition of the Cosmic Times just channeled through — and it is perhaps more profound, more powerful, more meaningful than any I have seen in a very long time, maybe ever. I can’t wait for it to be formatted and printed, and sent out to you (toward the end of the week) — I am so eager to hear what you think! Sneak Preview: It is about looking squarely at the limitations of both men and women, and getting to see how we can evolve through them. And it […]

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The River of Life

I am watching something amazing happening in our world right now. I would like to share my observations with you today, but am afraid that you will see it all as very heavy or serious or even dark — and it is anything but that! So please, I so appreciate your setting aside any preconceptions or knee-jerk reactions. Here goes ¬— Just as we are witnessing the beginnings of the uniting of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine, so I am noticing the beginning unification of the other enormous Polarity in our world — Life and Death. How […]

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Two weeks ago, I wrote about how all the 3-D pieces were being stripped away, and we were really being taken down to bedrock. And of course as that happens, there is so much room for 5-D to emerge! We talk about the 5-D experience being one of heightened Consciousness — in which we are more and more aware that everything is an expression of the Divine, that everyone and everything is holy — in which we feel the Presence of Spirit all the time, because that is truly all there is! And as there is more and more […]

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Maintaining “Heavenly” Space

It feels like we are in the very middle of the most enormous turn we have ever made.  We are at the apex of the turn, where, after such a long curve, we are finally just beginning the turn toward where we are really headed.  And for the first time, we are getting tiny glimpses, glimmerings, of what our new world, our new being, might actually look like! Everything is certainly being wiped clean — if it is too tightly based in 3-D vibrational Consciousness, it falls apart, disappears, breaks, is no more, is eliminated from our lives — […]

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Myriad Tangles

We totally understand that we are being deeply uprooted, that all the old beliefs are being dug up and tossed away, and that all that we know is being wiped away. If we didn’t believe it last week, there is no doubt for us this week, after watching the SuperTornado completely clean away an entire suburb. We get it. What is a little mystifying is what began to occur after the Tornado. It seems that everything that was sort of moving along in a relatively harmonious, smooth kind of way — the everyday things we all do ad seriatum […]

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The ShadowSelf

If it is possible, it seems that this week was even more intense than the previous week!  We got to experience the most amazing expressions of violence, betrayals of trust, and explosive disruption — within our relationships!  I can’t tell you how many shatterings I have heard about this week in families, friendships, small communities, and in the intimacies of love partnerships, business partnerships, teacher-student partnerships, collegial partnerships, all kinds of partnerships.  And we have certainly been privy to this through the news media, as our hearts break in Cleveland and in Phoenix. Last week, I wrote about the […]

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Today is “This Day”

Now I know why we got a bit of a break from our usual too-crowded fast-paced lives this last week. Wasn’t it a tremendously intense week?? I think it was so very intense because we are all being faced with a big choice right now. This is maybe one of the biggest choices of our lives. The question that seems to be before us is whether or not we choose to live or die. How about that, for an intense question! No, I’m serious. I think that is the question. Forever, up until now we have been able to […]

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