Healing and Empowering Our Indigo Children (And Ourselves!)

A 2 day course to learn how to be an Indigo Facilitator 

Conducted by Rabbi Wayne Dosick, Ph.D.

A two-day training to become a Certified Facilitator, and facilitate healing and empowerment work for

             ~ Indigo Children, 0-7 years old, and their parents
             ~ Indigo Children, 7-17 years old, with their parents
             ~ Adult Indigos, 17+ years old


Using the 3 powerful healing processes in
Empowering Your Indigo Child:  A Handbook for Parents of Children of Spirit 
by Wayne Dosick, Ph.D. and Ellen Kaufman Dosick, MSW (Weiser Books, 2009)
In these 2 days, you will receive:

~ An introduction to the World of Spirit and spiritual healing

~ A guided Point of Essence session for your own healing

~ A complete introduction to the principles and practice of the three healing processes

~ Detailed instruction and hands-on experience in facilitating all three healing processes

~ Techniques for spiritual parenting that will grow children’s hearts and souls

~  All the materials you need to set up your own successful Indigo Empowerment business

Wednesday – Thursday

March 11 – 12

 $485  (payment plans are available)

in North County, San Diego, CA

For more information, please contact Rabbi Wayne at 760-943-8370

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