The Mastership Program

A year-long course which enables us to gain the skills
and take the steps to a state of mastery within.

A mini-retreat from the comfort of your home!

In the state of Mastery Within, we have full access to:

  • The unending wisdom and creativity of our Full Selves.
  • The almost-infinite love, support, and clarity of our Guidance Teams.
  • The perspective of all that is in the Now Moment.
  • The resources and nourishment we need to fulfill the whole of our intended destinies, and to live our lives as the “lucid dreams” they have the capacity to be.

This is an intensive program for those
who have been hungering for the profound journey,
who would appreciate the good company
of loving mentoring, and soul-sisters/brothers,
and who will commit to the deep path.


  • We will meet in a teleclass for 1½ hours, once a month.
  • I will send you material before each class to read and prepare.
  • Each class will be divided between teaching, discussion, and exercise.
  • There will be a daily “practice” following class each month.
  • 2 weeks after each class, you and another classmate will meet on the phone for mutual sharing, support, and illuminating.

Level I — July 2016-January 2017           Level II — January-July 2017

$100 a month or $550 each six months if paid in advance

For more information
contact Deni Phinney at 520-975-6005 or at