Open to your Soul

Learn the Soul Memory Discovery Process

to Use for Yourself!

This 4-day course teaches you the essence of
the Soul Memory Discovery process,
specifically designed for individual use.


You will learn exactly how to do for yourself what is done in a Soul Memory session.  The sacred procedures are simple and straightforward

~ These are tools you can use for self-discovery, self-healing, and enrichment for the rest of your life ~

~You will experience a lovely acceleration of spiritual growth and personal evolution~

Every morning and afternoon, we will enter a new gate, moving closer and closer to our Holy of Holies, learning through discussion, lecture, demonstration, and much hands-on practice.

     The 1st Gate: Creating sacred space and entering the Holy

     The 2nd Gate: Exploring past lives and healing Karmic Issues

     The 3rd Gate: Playing in the mysteries and remembering who you are

     The 4th Gate: Connecting with your Guides and exploring relationships

     The 5th Gate: Finding your mission and life purpose and honoring the evolution of your soul

     The 6th Gate: Playing with Spirit

Friday – Monday
March 23 – 26, 2018
in North County, San Diego, CA
For more information, please contact Deni at