Ellen’s Bio

ellen-with-flowersEllen Kaufman Dosick MSW, LCSW, did both her undergraduate and graduate work at the University of Chicago, and has been practicing social work, and doing psychotherapy for over 35 years.  She served on the faculty of the University of Southern California Graduate School of Social Work, and directed social service programs and offices. She has taught children and adults at every level, directed school, after-school, and summer programs, as well as Children’s Theater.

Ellen has always been a seeker, and was continuously looking for more successful and efficient ways to assist her clients in their therapy work.  In 1989, she experienced for herself the seed process that would eventually grow into Soul Memory Discovery work, and in 1990-1991, was able to learn this process from the Master Teacher, Roni Reynolds.  Ellen began sharing this new modality with her clients, and found it to be the most effective change tool she had ever witnessed.  In 1994, there was an enormous energy opening, and the seed-process she had been using blossomed into a full-fledged, multi-faceted, multi-process healing modality. At that time, Ellen left the social service agency to open her own private practice, dedicated solely to what she called, “Soul Memory Discovery.”   In 1997, she began teaching Soul Memory Discovery to other therapists, and since then, has taught over 300 facilitators from around the world, in 21 classes.

Since 1994, Ellen has published a bi-monthly transmission that brings channeled messages from her Spiritual Guidance to us and to our world.  These transmissions are so informative and accurate, they have been dubbed, the “Spiritual Headline News.”  The Cosmic Times: Spiritual News You Can Use is available by email or mail subscription, and the collected transmissions from 1998-2002 are available in booklet form.

Ellen is a highly acclaimed international teacher who has led seminars, workshops, and retreats in a wide variety of settings.  She is a frequent guest on SpiritTalk Live! an internet radio show on HealthyLife.net, and was recently featured in a segment on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

For her deep connection with Spirit, and her incisive insights into the human psyche and the cosmos in which we live, Ellen has been called “a modern-day prophet,” and in 2007, was honored with the prestigious title of “Eshet Chazon”, a “Woman of Vision,” by Aleph:  Alliance for Jewish Renewal.

Ellen is married to Rabbi Wayne Dosick, PhD, spiritual leader of the Elijah Minyan, retired professor of Religion and Theology at the University of San Diego, and author of eight books, including two that Ellen co-wrote with him:  Empowering Your Indigo Child: A Handbook for Parents of Children of Spirit, and 20 Minute Kabbalah.

Ellen and Wayne live in La Costa, California, where their home is a center for learning, healing, and prayer, and a community gathering place for light workers and spiritual seekers.


Ellen’s Story

My name is Ellen Kaufman Dosick, and let me assure you that I am a relatively normal, traditionally-trained professional person. I am a social worker with undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Chicago, and have been a psychotherapist for over 30 years. I have held very “mainline” jobs throughout my career, serving on the faculty of the USC Graduate School of Social Work, and directing programs and offices of social service agencies. My husband is a rabbi and well-known author, and teaches on the faculty of the University of San Diego.

For approximately 20 years, I suffered from a degenerative auto-immune disorder, that by 1989, had progressed to the point where my doctors told me that I probably had only another 5-10 years to live. Some of my systems were beginning to go into crisis, and I was terribly allergic to most foods.

Feeling desperate for some help, and at the prompting of friends, I went to see a woman who looked at past lives as possible sources of current illness. I didn’t believe in past lives, but I figured I didn’t have anything to lose.

Roni Reynolds – now of blessed memory – and I sat together for a couple of hours that afternoon. It was an intense session, but at the same time, quite delightful. In my closed-mindedness, I still didn’t put too much stock in it, and certainly didn’t count on any “results.” In fact, I forgot about the session, until…

…Six months later, I returned to my doctor for my semi-annual blood work. She looked at the results, and was shocked. She couldn’t believe what she saw — all but one of my blood numbers was in the normal range, and that one was only one point outside of “normal.” Somehow, in spite of my dismissal of the session with Roni, I was healing!

The work I did with Roni was the seed process, the infant form, of what has grown into the Soul Memory Discovery process. I decided that I needed to learn how to do this work, and studied with Roni.

Over these past 17 years, the Soul Memory Discovery process has emerged and grown itself, and evolved into a technology that is, in many ways, laser-fine. It will continue to evolve into ever finer forms, as Earth and Humankind evolve.

In 1995, I stopped doing “regular” traditional therapy. Soul Memory Discovery is the only work I do now, because in over 5000 sessions, I have found it to be the most effective change tool I have ever come across.

In 1997, I began teaching the Soul Memory Discovery process to other therapists, healers, clergy, and physicians, and there are now over 350 other Soul Memory Discovery facilitators providing this work around the globe.

This is an awesome process. I am always amazed and humbled by its beauty and power, and I invite you to share it with me!


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