Hope Is A Requirement

Weren’t the last two weeks a doozy? So many of us just dropped into the deepest depression, the darkest despair.  And if we carried a weak or fragile spot — physically, emotional, mentally, spiritually — boy, did that spot give way! So many of us fell, or experienced “accidents”, or got sick, or slipped over the edge into psychosis, or… To paraphrase the great psychologist, if our teacups are cracked, they are now breaking.

The stress has been overwhelming, and when our fault lines begin to give way under the pressure, and we can no longer handle the stress gracefully — there are always our old addictions to slip back into! Which of course just digs the despair deeper for us!

We are of course, moving toward the Fall Equinox and into the Jewish New Year, and the pressure has been very great to shift the entirety of our being into much finer 5D alignment.

But just this week, did you feel some of it beginning to lift? Indeed, we are moving into, if not calmer, then at least lighter waters. And I hold onto the great line from the Cosmic Times:when you are on the verge of hopelessness, Hope becomes not an option, but a requirement.

The good news (always, at this point) is that things are moving so rapidly, that we can be sure that whatever we are experiencing right now will not last, but will shift and morph into something else very soon. And since we have a hand in the unfolding design in 5D, right now, we can put forward into the universe what we want that morphing into to look like.

The other good news is that because everything is indeed morphing so quickly, the Cosmic Times seems to be coming every month now! We received yet another surprise transmission at the beginning of September, packed with amazing, powerful, incredibly helpful information. The information is so important, that I would like for you to be sure to get it, if you haven’t already.

I wish all of our Jewish friends a beautifully aligned New Year, filled with amazing blessing. And I so look forward to seeing all of you in a couple of weeks.

Much Love,


  1. Hi Ellen,:-)

    Your words totally reassured me, because I thought I was out of those depressed feeling, for some time my emotional level had been stable and it has been such an unplesant surprise to suddenly be in that this is to much, I do not want to be doins this anymore… and yep also to the physcial weakness not having a way to stabilize with all these years of intensity… so looking forward for the speedy moving into something else! Thanks!

  2. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Diary-of-a-GMO-Lab-Rat/1503815949836739

    I have been witnessing the darkness in the form of GM (genetic modification)… I am keeping a diary of all the food reactions and my learning process about it… treating myself as a guinea pig since i had no choice in that… and posting the process up at this facebook page… the latest development is that i felt sure the bible would have sth to say about this, and some things started to become clear… so now i’m looking into that… i feel it’s a major thing in the whole history of the universe, for us to get right (by ending it)… so much mental effects coming out of the stomach troubles caused by it… very very dark… many many effects… terrible ones… cumulative… two films very educational, The World According to Monsanto and… Genetic Roulette

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