Very Intense, Very Rich, Very Emotional

So have you had about as much as you can take?? I know (if I am not already there) I am definitely getting to that point! It seems like we just can’t take one more piece of “bad” news, that we just can’t bear to watch any more unraveling, and that just when we think the world can’t possibly get any crazier — it does!

Yes, it’s very intense, very rich, very emotional, very demanding, very draining, very very. There seems to be an almost constant, pervasive, incessant re-forming and shattering, re-forming and shattering, re-forming and shattering… Some days it feels like living in a pressure cooker — even when we are just sitting around… waiting for the next heavy-duty piece to knock us over.

I think that’s it — that the waiting is beginning to feel weighty. It’s getting so heavy that it is beginning to crush us.

And that is not OK.

So it is time to ask that this evolution take place in a slightly different way. I have never before been asked to use this Blog in this way, but here it is: Please use the process below. And not only use it, but send it out to everyone you know, and ask them to use it. Let it travel out as far as it will go. It is time for this particular phase of this Ascension Process to move through a whole lot more quickly and easily!

Stand and say:

We are speaking with the Archangel Michael:

Archangel Michael, would you please manifest miracles, 

in order to set free the Peace and Joy to enable 5D Enlightenment, 

so that Human Beings can carry Humankind forward.

And once again, there will be an additional issue of the Cosmic Times!!!! In 20 years of this channeled information, we have never before had a September issue. It tells us just how quickly things are moving, and how crucial our involvement in all of it is right now. I know that this process we have today is like an appetizer, getting us ready for the immensely significant material we will find next week in the September Cosmic Times

Please click here to sign up and receive not only the September issue, but the July and August issues as well! — and see what is so important, that it cannot wait for the “normal” October issue of the Cosmic Times. Think about it — with the Cosmic Times coming so often now, at about $5.50 a month, you can have this amazing information for the cost of two coffees at Starbucks! I’ll so look forward to sharing all of this with you, and seeing you in a couple of weeks.

Much Love,



  1. This morning, when I turned on the TV, the morning program had their resident foriegn affairs commentator on. The two presenters and he were discussing the economics of peace and how perhaps peace and sharing could be a better economic result for all instead of the current view, which heavily relies on not sharing and vast amounts of money being ploughed into arms and war.
    The background behind them was deep blue, Archangel Michael’s colour! Perhaps he is already manifesting miracles!

  2. Beautiful Process with Archangel Thanks!
    Blessed Be…
    With Love,

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