Keeping Our Feet Moving

The August Cosmic Times is out, and we finally have some ways of understanding the craziness and violence and pain that are disrupting our world right now. And that is helpful and hopeful and comforting — and I also think that most of us feel as though we are reaching our limits in terms of how much sadness and heartbreak we can handle without being overwhelmed by it all.

Many of us are feeling like we are neither here nor there, like we are not quite all in our bodies, like we are waiting for… something… like we are treading water, counting the minutes toward… something…

I believe we are holding our breaths, of sorts — waiting to see the emergence of our new world. There is nothing more intense than this birthing process — because indeed, this is what this is.

We are witnessing the passing of the old and the birthing of the new. Deathing and birthing always happen simultaneously — celebration is always accompanied by some level of mourning.

And so many people are depressed, lost, wondering about the meaning of their lives, feeling as though all their efforts have not amounted to anything worthwhile… And at the same time, have moments of gratitude and hope and even eager anticipation at what they can feel is coming into our world.

Our Guidance Teams offer us some valuable advice at this juncture. You will hear that it sounds a lot like the kind of advice you would give to people assisting at a birthing!

First of all, they remind us to keep breathing. Secondly, they tell us to just keep doing what is in front of us to do — to keep our “feets moving”, to keep busy. They say that we need to keep our feet moving because it will keep us from sinking into the mud at the bottom of the river — and if our feet are not stuck in the mud, the river currents can so much more easily move us where they want us to go.

We are SO not in charge, SO not in control! If we remain active and keep moving, the energies can carry us in gentle, easy, effortless ways, in perfect directions. We have no idea yet what the new landscapes will look like — we will see them as we let the currents carry us.

The Cosmic Times seem to be coming almost every month at this point. It means that you can read each issue for a little bit more than $5 an issue! If you haven’t already, sign up now, so you don’t miss this incredibly illuminating August Cosmic Times

I will so look forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks!

Much Love,



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