The August Cosmic Times is Almost Here!

My phone is ringing off the hook with distraught people all somewhat hysterically asking me the same question: What is going on in our world??!? What’s happening?? How are we supposed to respond?? What do you do with so much pain??

Thank goodness the August Cosmic Times is writing itself even as we speak, and will be out to you by the end of the week! And as you can imagine, it is blowing my mind — giving me an entirely expanded (and amazingly comforting) perspective on these heart-wrenching world events, as well as helping me make sense of the painful unraveling that seems to be everyone’s personal experience right now.

This is an immense and utterly shattering time we are living — this is absolutely the turning of an epoch. We are privileged to be witnesses, and it behooves us to show up and stand at attention and honor this great passing. The Cosmic Times helps us understand what we are seeing, and so helps us to be as present and Conscious as we possibly can be.

I am so glad so many of you sent in your $5 for the (unprecedented) Cosmic Times issue of July, and I so hope you enjoyed it and found it helpful. I don’t know (anything!) with any certainty, but it looks like we will now be receiving the Cosmic Times, if not every month, then almost every month.

And even if there are just an additional 2 issues, 

and it comes just 8 times in the next year, at $49.95 for the year, 

it is just a little over $6 per issue!

And for those of you who already sent in $5 for the July issue,

if you elect to subscribe for the year,

your remaining $44.95 payment means that you are paying just $5.50 per issue!

Please subscribe now, so you don’t miss out on this incredible August transmission. It seems like every time a new issue comes out, I tell you that it is the most important issue we have ever had — because indeed, every new issue lately is so much more significant than any previous issue! This August Cosmic Times is the most important and powerful Cosmic Times we have ever had!

To receive the August issue, and every transmission for the next year, 

please click here.

Take care of yourselves, enjoy the Cosmic Times next week, and I will see you in this Blog in a couple of weeks.

Much Love,



  1. Dear Ellen,

    I received the July issue, and loved the metaphor of the rope bridge!
    So much in my life resonates with your messages, I truly appreciate them. Thank you, Barbara

    • I have been studying with Jim Self as a Mastering Alchemy student, and much we hear and learn parallels your messages, Ellen. I am not able to subscribe at this time. Thank you for all that you do. Barbara

  2. Hi Ellen

    Yes I Ammon of those people wondering what
    is going on 🙁
    The world is favoring so much turmoil.
    While the first six months were a roller coaster
    ride with my shadow it seems to be lifting now with
    Great insights. That said I am
    Pointed in the direction my soul has designed for me
    I am
    Just not sure the way just yet.
    Faith keeps me going most days.

    Ellen I am not sure where I stand with my subscription.
    I was thinking I had perpetual renewal is this the case ?
    Kindly let me know as I of course don ‘t want
    to miss the August Cosmic Times.

    With gratitude

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