Magical Moments

I believe we are arriving. Everywhere we turn, there seem to be magical moments — little bits of time in which all of a sudden, often out of left field, everything falls into place; there is unexpected harmony, rightness, beauty, serendipity, a bit of perfection.

Everyone we speak with is eager to share the latest magical moment — when we got to taste a tiny bite of the miraculous, the clear way, the opening glimpse into this 5D Garden of Eden. Think about it for yourself — maybe you are seeing the beginning of something you’ve been waiting for for a long time, or maybe there has been a very surprising heart-opening in someone you know, or maybe a new way is opening for you to fully express gifts that have been undercover for a while, or maybe supreme beauty touched you in a way you have not been touched before, or maybe a very tangled old piece is beginning to come apart and fall itself into place, or maybe the long line opened to let you in, or all the green lights let you get there on time, or maybe…

When you think about it, all of this has always been here for us — what is truly lovely is that we are getting Conscious enough to notice it all and be grateful for it.

But I think what is truly magical about all of this is that somehow we are aware that perhaps as “ordinary” as all of this is, there is something actually extraordinary about these magical moments. We are feeling in our bones that all of these magical moments mean something — they are significant because they are truly the beginning of the opening of our 5D experience. We are arriving.

This is not to say that life is instantly easy and completely grace-filled. For many of us, these little glimpses of ease come to us in the midst of excruciatingly difficult times. For many of us right now, our lives are like microcosms of the current events in Iraq, in which very old adversaries whom we really believed to be vanquished, have somehow arisen to ambush us and are threatening to destroy our hard-earned progress.

And even in all of this, we are coming upon sudden clear openings in which we are struck by the sweetness of unexpected Light, Love, Harmony, Ease, Grace. We are arriving.

The more we notice and celebrate these moments, the more room we give them to be. And the more room we give them to be, the more of them there are. We are, each of us, absolutely, the Messiah — the one who announces the opening of the Garden of Eden. Let us notice and celebrate!

The June issue of the Cosmic Times is here! And absolutely not to be missed! It is filled with all of the details of all of this, and so much more. If you haven’t seen it yet, run HERE to sign up for your copy. I will look forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks.

Much Love,

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