I am aware this week that there is a bit of spunk, of recklessness — of truth — in the air. Somehow we are beginning to shake ourselves, ever so slightly, out of our very long, sleepy ho-hum, and something new is stirring and starting to bubble to the surface.
Last year we talked and talked about the urgency with which we needed to better align ourselves with our Divine Designs, with our GodSelves, with the truths of our essences — and I think we are just beginning to see the tips of those truths emerging.
It feels as though we are coming forward with more energy and urgency than we have in a long while, and that the truths of our hearts are insisting on expression, no matter what. And in spite of us, our mouths open, and out spill our truths — and there is almost a devil-may-care sense to it all, as the truths show themselves, and we walk along in alignment.
And so, around the world, citizens of a variety of countries are asking that their leaders really hear them and behave in accordance with their hearts’ desires. And governments are beginning to shift and change. And the Pope is living his truth and walking with the Divine Design, and abdicating. And Church leaders are being held accountable. And ever so slowly, the huge financial institutions are being brought into places of greater integrity, and justice is being demanded for their leaders.
And all of this and so much more is beginning to happen because each of us has worked to align our hearts with the truths of our essences. And that combination of Light and Love will not be denied. I believe the giant is awakening.
We are that giant, and we are living all of this as well, moment by moment. So many of us are feeling an urgency to bring our relationships to more authentic levels, to live our missions and our purposes clearly and faithfully, to connect with Spirit in clear and present ways, to cut to the chase and be in the Light of the truths of our hearts.
Take a look at the February issue of the Cosmic Times, as it speaks about the new Cosmic Laws that are beginning to shift — and we get to really perceive all of this in a very clear way! To get your copy, please click HERE, and join the great Cosmic Times family of subscribers. I’ll look forward to seeing you next week!
Much Love,

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