Do you feel lost lately? Almost everyone I speak with these days tells me some version of “I feel lost – I no longer feel anchored or clear about anything! I don’t know who I am or what I’m here for.”

The world as we’ve known it continues to change and cease to be, our old patterns continue to release through us (whether we want them to, or not!) and the landscape around us changes moment-by-moment — and we remain in a state of almost constant disorientation. Everything is going and coming, and indeed, we feel lost!

For some of us, this lost feeling can be like the dark night of the soul. For others of us, it can feel almost exhilarating, like being freed from great burdens. Most of us are actually sliding between despair and hope, (and wondering about our emotional stability as we experience all the ups and the downs!).

Spring is of course about new birthing, and I think there really is very good news here. Maybe what this is really all about is that we are in the process of being reborn.

Take a moment and feel the energy… In all of this, can you feel the expansiveness all around? It is almost like the womb around us has expanded and grown huge, and we suddenly have space to grow into what we have perhaps always sensed we could become.

Spirit told us that the taking-apart energy would indeed give way to the putting-together energy at the Spring Equinox, and that we would begin to see and feel the beginnings of the New World emerging through us, perhaps 6-8 weeks after that. Here we are.

We are beginning to grow toward our potential. It is very tentative, and we feel very tender and vulnerable — and even afraid. We are brand new, in a brand new becoming world, and we will be in a state of brand-newness for a long time to come. It is as though we are walking around on little fragile Bambi-legs, and indeed, we don’t know who we are or who we can grow into yet.

We are going to feel a little lost for a while here. But our world right now (both inside and outside) is full of possibility. And if we can come from our hearts and wrap our heart’s desires in tender love, we have the power to call forth a great blossoming.

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Much Love,


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