5D Is Rushing In

Wow! I think my dear friend and teacher, Rabbi Lynn Claire Feinberg says it best: “One moment I am very excited about what this…time is bringing us, and the next, I am terrified. [It feels] as if all of [what we are] is being churned and broken down to the bare bones, as if there is no more of us left… so much happening, and all [we feel like doing] much of the time is weep, or go around in circles not really getting anything done. And about us, [everyone’s] lives are being challenged in various deep ways. How can we contain it all…”

It is like the tide is both going out in a really strong way AND coming in at the same time, in an equally strong way. The whole world is in turmoil, nothing is moving easily or gracefully — it feels like the worst Mercury Retrograde imaginable, and Mercury is actually direct!

So many of us are dizzy, head-achey, even nauseous, having trouble maintaining our balance, clumsy, and dropping everything. It feels as though the whole world is caught in the middle of a frozen river just as the ice is beginning to break up and the river is beginning to flow — and we are attempting to keep upright, as we skitter from ice floe to ice floe, in the midst of this more and more rapidly moving water. We could be in the midst of catastrophe, as we slip and slide in this total instability — but we are carrying on our lives as though everything is perfectly normal! Wow.

Absolutely everything of 3D is breaking down — our cars, big and small appliances, fences, walls, ceilings, finances, mental health, old moldy relationships that needed to be done a long time ago — I’m sure you can recite your own long list…

3D is going out with the tide, and 5D is rushing in — and it is extremely disorienting — and extremely exciting. And indeed, we weep and rejoice at the same time, and it can all feel quite overwhelming.

A really great thing about all of this (besides the fact that it is really happening!), is that the experience of 5D is very substantially becoming available to us. Many of us are clearly seeing and aware of 5D energies and entities in our homes, moving through our environments. And are you noticing now how often a project or challenge that looks fairly insurmountable is actually pretty easily accomplished and resolved?

There is a new level of ease and grace opening to us. Even as we lurch and teeter our way across these racing ice floes, forgetting to breathe and trying to contain our panic, Spirit tells us to remember to ASK FOR ASSISTANCE — it is SO available to us now. And every morning, it helps to ask for the 5D experience of infinite time-space through our day, so there is ample time and resources to accomplish more than we ever imagined possible.

And of course the greatest news is that the April Cosmic Times is here, and it is perhaps the best issue that has ever come through, and fills us in, and opens us to all that is happening, in the most profound ways. You can receive it by going HERE and subscribing. Please don’t miss this one!

Our world just transited a huge turning point at the Spring Equinox. Multitudes of adjustments are called for as a result — and we have a really big one beginning this Monday evening with a full Lunar Eclipse occurring in conjunction with the beginning of Passover; followed by the second (and biggest) of three Grand Crosses which begins on Easter Sunday, and concludes on the final day of the Passover Holiday; followed by a Solar Eclipse the next weekend. The message is clear: It is time to free ourselves from the slavery of 3D, let go of our narrow beliefs, and plant our heart’s desires for our reborn, renewed 5D world. I wish you a truly liberating Passover, and a very holy Easter. And I will look forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks.

Much Love,


To really birth into our New World in a very special way, I invite you to join me and Rabbi Wayne Dosick, the first weekend of May, for The Care and Feeding of Your GodSelf and Your Eternal Soul, a 3-day sacred retreat that takes you through the great mystery schools and into the Heart of God. Please visit HERE for more details and registration. We hope to see you here soon!

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