Shedding the Old Skin: What’s Next?

Dear Friends,

We so happily bid adieu to one of the toughest months I ever remember living through. This surge toward the Vernal Equinox this last Thursday was one of the most challenging races I have ever attempted to run.

The goal was to shed as much of whatever has been holding us in 3-D limitation as we possible could — before the Equinox. And oh, have we been shedding! We’ve been molting, wriggling out of skins that somehow have become too small for us, letting go of those old beliefs and patterns that have kept us limited for most of our lives.

You would think that would be a joyful, easy thing to do — to run out of a confining prison, into freedom! But (aye, here’s the rub) those beliefs, that skin, is so us, we didn’t even know that this imprisonment really isn’t us!

And so we have spent the month being hit on the head by those old patterns, that imprisoning skin – until we finally get that we actually don’t need to live in that limitation any longer. It’s been so painful!

And understanding that whatever it is — is not who we really are in our Essence — is a lot like dying to ourselves. And oh, have there been a lot of tears and weeping and anxiety and despair and disappointment and depression and emptiness and heartbreaking!

When I was 16, I got a bad case of mono that kept me in bed for about 4 months, and left me with a whole host of retro-viruses — that have defined my life. Of course, I cannot move into the higher vibrations that beckon me, completely limited by these beliefs that I AM not healthy. And hence — a Godzilla-Size flare-up these last couple of months — in order that I may truly see what is my Essence, and what is just a too-small skin that it is time to molt.

We are all doing it. What is your Skin that defines you in limitation — that you have been shedding? It is hard to let go of who we have been — especially when we have no idea who we really are, or will become!

Maybe all of our tears are not only about our own dying to ourselves, but also about the tremendously fragile and abandoned state we find ourselves — sans skins.

The great news is that we made it to this Equinox, the re-birth and resurrection that are at the heart of Spring — AND the April Cosmic Times will be here next week! It is filled with details about what all of this means, ways we can utilize these energies to benefit ourselves, and timelines that enable us to understand how and when we can begin to move forward in our lives. Please go HERE to subscribe, so that you don’t miss any of this valuable information.

Happy Equinox! Enjoy the April Cosmic Times! I’ll look forward to seeing you in two weeks.

Much Love,


  1. Thanks Ellen. And thanks for sharing a bit more of your story. I know I am more than my physical limitations and I am so trying to live from the bigger picture of courage and perseverance we all claim as we show up in physical form. I do identify with my skin and the shedding is not easy.

  2. OMgosh…I can’t even believe I just read this…it is so completely what I have been experiencing. I am just blown away and relieved to know that I am not the only one. Thank you, thank you and a very deep grateful thank you, Ellen.


  3. Ellen,

    As you so cogently surmised in your newsletter, I truly was wrestling with everything coming up at once for healing, so much so that I couldn’t even muster up the energy to do my show last month on the day you were scheduled, which I felt really bad about. But, thank God for the new energies that have ushered in with the Spring Equinox.

    I’ve had many break thru’s since the Equinox and finally feel like i’m coming back to me, the real me! For that, I am truly grateful, as I am also grateful for the insights you share with us that help your readers know that we are not alone in our suffering and striving. I am also very grateful for the tools you provide in each issue to help us transmute the negative energies. Believe me, I am truly ready to embrace the energies of the 5th Dimension as I am way too weary of the strife, negativity and limitations of 3D consciousness.

    Bless you and your priceless work.

    Dr. Parthenia Grant,
    Host of Divine Love Talk on CRN

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