It seems to me that the whole world must be sad and weepy. Everyone I speak with tells me they are routinely finding that they have fallen into pools of depression, puddles of sadness, that they are crying all the time — and have very little idea why. I find myself tearing up at stupid commercials, having good boo-hoos over the small heart-warming articles in the paper, and working hard to climb out of deep gulches of depression that suddenly gape and threaten to swallow me during the day.

I have become very aware how many of us are the most amazing heroes — how many people soldier on, accomplishing fabulous feats, gifting the world with blessing upon blessing, doing what is in front of them because that is what must be done — feeling completely alone, unsupported, unseen, unrecognized, unacknowledged, unloved — and how many people have been heroically carrying on in this way their entire lives? — not just feeling alone, but actually really having to do everything themselves! — with little support or nurturing.

Our Norman Rockwell images tell us that our world is not supposed to be this way. We believe that if we are only good enough girls and boys, we will finally deserve and have that love and support our families were incapable of providing for us. We return to that myth again and again and again, living this pattern, believing in magic, believing that if we are good enough little soldiers, we can induce (our parents’/family’s) people’s love and support.

And here we all are — at the threshold of Fifth Dimensional Consciousness — gazing upon a new landscape so full of that very embracing Love we so yearn for — that it makes us gasp in amazement and wonder. It brings us to our knees. It makes us weep.

Wouldn’t you think we would all run into this new world as fast as we could?? But no, we tarry at the doorway — because we have invested so much of our lives in this old myth, this old belief, this old pattern.

It really is a hopeless investment, one that will never, can never, pay out. But oh, what we have put into it! — whether it is our parents, or our children, or the dreams of our careers, or… — and we are loath to just let go of it.

Many of us sorrow and weep right now, because the new landscape of loving embrace calls us — and we pry our fingers off of those empty, bankrupt, broken promises that lie behind us — and so we have what feels like NOTHING in this moment — but that invitation to cross the threshold just in front of us.

Truly, the world is full of heroes right now. I see you, and acknowledge you, and honor you, and love you.

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Much Love,


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  1. You hit it on the head once again, Ellen. I feel so sad, as if all of my life is already behind me, and all I have to show for it is being fat and 50. It is hard for me to locate myself and my self love right now, even though I know that is the most important lesson of all.

    Love to you… xoxoxoxo

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