Wandering Outside The Box

We are witnessing and experiencing a great deal of rage over the last two weeks. We see it in Ukraine, and in the violence in our streets, and in our families and our relationships. We feel it in ourselves. What’s this volcanic upsurge in anger about?

(To get a good picture of the basis of what I am going to talk about, I would strongly urge you to read the February edition of the Cosmic Times, which you can get by going HERE and signing up.)

As the Earthplane and the “Higher Realms” begin to come together for all of us, the dimensions are unifying, and we are, for the first time, truly able to live in a multi-dimensional way. And with this, we find the capacity to lift off the ceilings that have always, up until this point, limited us. We desire, more than anything else, to be free.

Have you felt recently how much you just want to play and vacation, and be let go of all the obligations and burdens of responsibility you carry? And as this desire for freedom gets sparked by our new capacity to go beyond the old limitations, our natural tendency is to want to fight against anything that would be in the way of our freedom, to rage against anything that looks like strictures or bindings, rules or regulations, old ways or old energies.

Our natural tendency is to assume that we have to fight and rage, because the shackling limitations are external, they are “out there.” And so we watch as Kiev burns and people destroy one another.

But the reality is that the shackling limitations are not on the outside — they are very much inside of us. What do we desire to be free of? At this time, as the dimensions come together, we desire to be free of our old (tried and true) set of limiting 3-D beliefs. Our freedom, and our seeming need to rage against that which would keep us from expressing that freedom, has nothing to do with the strictures on the outside — but everything to do with the old limiting 3-D beliefs we so desperately hold on to on the inside.

By its very nature, 3-D is limiting — so all 3-D beliefs are limiting. To enjoy the full multi-dimensionality that becomes more and more available to us, we can choose to let ourselves wander “outside the box.” What if life goes on and on without end? What if there really are more than enough resources for everyone to live in abundance? What if we can love one another without judgment?

As we let ourselves let go of 3-D beliefs, we become free to enjoy the spaciousness of multi-dimensionality — in which resides all the ways to turn those potentialities into a new reality. It’s time to believe in miracles!

The February Cosmic Times is amazing and uplifting. Be sure to sign up for it! I’ll see you in a couple of weeks.

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