Not Enough Time?

Did you just see the wildest thing that Time did this week? There wasn’t any. I would swear that we went from last Saturday evening to today, and there were absolutely no moments in between! I had every intention of filling this week with wonderful work — I was going to accomplish so much, and make such good headway on some big projects, and finally get to those little house items that nag at me, and…

I was distraught on Thursday when I realized how much of the week was already gone, and beside myself on Friday, and utterly defeated by the weekend. Did I just fritter all that beautiful time away? Have I been lost in another world, completely absent and out-of-body? Am I on the cover of Sloth Magazine? What happened??

The answer lies in something else that has been happening for so many of us. Are you getting calls from people (or having the urge to call people) you haven’t had contact with in decades? Are you being revisited by thoughts or dreams or ideas that you let go of a very long time ago? Is your body experiencing symptoms you haven’t had in ages and ages? Does it feel like the past is floating right into the present, and past, present, and maybe even future, are coming together?

I think that is exactly what is going on right now. You can read about how and why all of this is happening in the new February issue of the Cosmic Times. It is the premier not-to-be-missed issue of 2014, and is full of amazing and wonderful information for all of us for this coming year. You can get your copy by going HERE and signing up!

So here we are this week, with past and present coming together, and feeling like Time has disappeared. But we know that when past and present and future come together, the NOW moment becomes available to us — in which the Eternity of the All That Is is available to us. So we should actually have been able to have the experience of unlimited Time this week!

That NOW time experience however, is only accessible from the higher vibrations of 5-D. Unless we are holding the higher vibrational Consciousness, rather than having the experience of unlimited Time, we instead get the experience of no Time.

And so the big question is: How can we keep our vibrations high enough that we can actually find that 5-D doorway into the unlimited Time of the NOW moment?

You have to admit that it’s been pretty tough to do that this week, as those old patterns of the past revisit our bodies and our lives. And herein, again, we can find some help.

The past and present come together now, not so we can eliminate the past — but so that we can finally embrace it — in Compassion — and through that Compassion, enable the past and present to come into unity, to be One.

My guess is that if we can hold our old patterns in Compassion, we will find that we have access to all the Time in the world. Try it and let me know. I’ll be eager to hear! And I’ll see you in 2 weeks.

Much Love,


  1. Dear Ellen,

    You are such an awesome woman! As wise and wonderful as you are, you are equally hilarious. It is such a comfort that you have a great sense of humor. There is always something in your writing that gives me a good deep laugh and this time it was the cover of sloth magazine comment. Thank you so much for being who you are. I am grateful.

    Love~ AmyO

  2. Hi Amy,

    I totally agree. I read that and thought oh yes, this is exactly how things have felt lately! LOL


  3. Thank you so much for providing the clarity for what has been happening to me especially as I assist with the care of my elderly parents. Those old patterns creep into expression and before I know it I am backsliding into a standstill within myself. To simply embrace those patterns with Compassion as you say enables me to automatically pick up myself, reintegrate, and move on with much more effective Compassion for others. This is what everyone tries to do it is just not easy and to call attention to it with the clarity you provide truly helps!
    With Love

  4. Ellen your last two posts have been so amazingly SPOT ON! I can’t get enough sleep, time has been flying by …and the past has reared its little head… all in one moment! But in the midst of it all, I am more my true self and connected than I have ever been….writing this just made me tired thinking about it….:)

    Love and Laughter ~ Suzy

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