The Dragon come to Earth

Doesn’t it feel as though we are in a really intense Mercury Retrograde? Almost nothing is smooth or easy. If anything can possible go awry, it seems to run to do that. So much is breaking down — communications, schedules, computers, major appliances, major relationships… it’s almost funny. Almost.
What’s happening? Everything was supposed to be so much better after the Winter Solstice! (whine, complain, bellyache, etc)
Actually, everything is much better. We and everyone and everything around us are taking in the enormous influxes of Light that began in December, and we are all evolving. But we are all evolving at different rates. And so what used to easily mesh together, may not be right now. It’s like the teeth of the gears are not finding one another, and very little is matching or in harmony. Coming together with anyone or anything lately feels like that awful grinding noise you hear when your car is falling apart.
As everything shifts and changes, what used to be clear open paths before us become twisty-turny, with sudden drop-offs, and big tree trunks blocking the way. Even now, great beings are working to clear the ways, and enable harmony and meshing between varying vibrations and rates of evolution. And I believe that by the Spring, we will once again find our way clear and our lives will become smoother and easier.
In the meantime, everyone I know seems to be in and out of major depression. We all just want to stay in bed and do nothing because nothing seems to matter, and it’s all so meaningless.
Are we all just so disappointed that our expectations haven’t panned out in this New Year? Are we in deep mourning and sorrow over the passing of the old, and the not-yet of the New? Are we just too tired to keep on keeping on?
From the weekly Internet wisdom of soul-astrologer, Mark Borax, (really good stuff) comes a very interesting piece that is happening right now. He notes that with this New Moon, we are moving from the Chinese Year of the Dragon, to the Chinese Year of the Snake.
Mark points out that the Dragon is an air creature, and that this last year, we lived in that elevated region of idealistic imagining, and great hopes and dreams. The Snake is in many ways, the Dragon come to Earth — the landing and grounding of all those dreams and visions.
And that is sobering. And possibly heavy. And maybe this is at the core of our depression.
We are gobbling up huge amounts of Light right now, and all of our systems are being re-wired and recalibrated to be able to sustain at the higher vibrations toward which we are transforming. We have enormous wonderful work ahead of us — to land the Garden of Eden here on Earth — beginning this year. And all of this only opens in the Spring.
So for now, we will be patient and make the space for all the infrastructure to become — and expect delays and detours, and enjoy the seemingly meaningless, and hibernate, and take care of ourselves. Sometimes when we expect the traffic jam, and even plan for it, we can be in a place where we can laugh about it and enjoy ourselves.
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