While You Are Sleeping…

Have you been exhausted lately? I sleep though my alarm clock in the morning, have to push myself to get through the afternoon without a nap, and find that my brain is complete mush by about 8:00 in the evening (which is fine because then I can just give up and be in bed by 9:00). I feel completely pathetic! I wonder if I am fighting off some encroaching illness. I think about taking more supplements. I play with my food/exercise/meditation/work schedule.

The interesting news is that I am hearing similar stories from everyone around me. If it’s epidemic, at least I’m in good company! What’s going on for all of us??

There is another most peculiar thing that is happening. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but seemingly opposite experiences are occurring simultaneously. I’ll give you a couple of examples: A dear friend has a back condition that is worsening and she finds herself more and more bent over. At the same time, she is releasing and unburdening, aware of her back filling with vitality, feeling lighter than she has in many years. My mother, who is in Hospice care with a deteriorated heart valve, is gaining strength, has a great appetite, is not retaining water, and is now walking around, breathing comfortably. At the same time, she has profound dreams of moving to the Other Side, and my father (who died 7 years ago) opening the way for her.

I’m sure you can think of a few examples in your own life like these. It just makes you scratch your head and wonder. You can’t put it together in a way that makes too much sense — from this level. But I wonder whether these seeming disparate pieces actually fit together beautifully when we look at them from a higher, finer level.

We don’t naturally go there. But we are there when we disengage our Consciousness from this plane and let it go — when we sleep. And I wonder if that is why we are so tired right now, so involved with sleeping. I wonder if the need for more sleep gives us more opportunity to connect our Consciousness to those higher levels, where 3-D opposites zip themselves together into a meaningful, perfect whole. I wonder if as we sleep, we are practicing zipping 3-D and 5-D together right here on this Earthplane.

The good news is that we will have some answers soon. The February Cosmic Times will be available to us in just a couple of weeks! It will be wonderful to hear all the details about what is happening for us right now in the course of this epic awakening. To make sure you get this first Cosmic Times issue of 2014, please click Here, and sign up. You’ll also receive the previous December Cosmic Times issue as our thank you to you.

In the meantime, sweet dreams! And I will see you in 2 weeks.
Much Love,

  1. Oh, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Ellen. I have been so worried about my tiredness! Did buy some extra supplements yesterday and today after being up this morning only a couple of hours, I went back to bed! I feel so relieved hearing that I am not alone! Whew!
    Blessings to you for sharing this with us!
    La Vancha

  2. Ah, it says above that I posted my comments here at 12:18 a.m. January 17. Not so. It is 5:19 p.m. MST here on January 16. 😉

  3. Amazing Ellen. I am a little behind in reading, but thank you for this writing. At the end of December, my father, who is on the other side, had to get my attention. He did so in a vision and within 48 hours I got the real world message. I agree on the exhaustion thing. I had a great deal of fatigue for months prior to his message. I am awake now.

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