Planting Dreams of a New World

Yesterday, I went to the yearly community Messiah sing, and joined several hundred hopeful and well-meaning people in the unintended joyful butchering of Handel’s great masterpiece. For an hour and a half we gave it our all, filling the church with probably more love than music — and at the end we cheered for the soloists and for the orchestra and especially for ourselves, and we left there with open hearts, beaming good-will at each other.

And then we got in our cars in the parking lot and immediately resumed our roles as completely crazed, vicious, ill-mannered lunatics, gobbling as much of the asphalt as we could, honking and yelling, looking out only for ourselves, in a more urgent rush than anybody else, and generally acting totally demented.

We all sagely nod our heads, and acknowledge that people are nuts just before Christmas. But it feels to me as though this year we are grabbing and grasping, running and white-knuckling-it even more than we usually do.

I’m also watching my mother do the very hard work of coming to grips with the notion that she has begun the dying process. She just turned 88 years old, and a heart valve has given way, and she is dealing with all the symptoms of rapidly progressing congestive heart failure. She is used to being in control of her very rich and meaningful life, and minute-by-minute, she is watching it constrict and diminish and disappear. And she is trying to hold on to every shred of it.

She so passionately wishes to rise from her bed and go stand in her kitchen and have the lifeforce and breath and clarity to bake breads and cookies and pies, and sometimes these fantasies sustain her. Using every bit of the strength she still has, she insists on getting dressed every morning, and getting up and looking at the paper, and eating a good breakfast. She tells me that no, she doesn’t think she’s leaving for a while, and that she is going to work to find even small things to enjoy right now. And she falls into places of despair and grief and disgust and sadness.

My mother does not go gently into that good night. She also is grabbing and grasping and running and white-knuckling-it. She, like all the rest of us, is holding on so tight.

Before our very eyes, 3-D, and all that goes with it, is constricting and diminishing and disappearing. As much as we are all terribly excited about the advent of Fifth Dimensional Consciousness, we can only live there by leaving 3-D. And all of a sudden, as the reality of the imminent demise of 3-D hits us, all the old parts of 3-D look so very attractive!

It is much like how many of us behave just before going on a serious diet — even as we are eagerly anticipating how it will be to be 10 lbs. lighter, we feel the strong need to gorge ourselves on all the foods that will soon be off-limits to us.

As I look around at all of us this December, it seems as though we are absolutely rolling in the muddy depths of 3-D, covering ourselves in its old familiarity, smearing it all over, to the point where we are almost unrecognizable to ourselves and those around us! We are gorging ourselves on 3-D, on the old felt-sense details of the world we have always known — because soon, we know, there won’t be anything left of it.

We grab it and grasp it, and run for it, and almost desperately hug as much of it as we can to our bosoms, and hold on tight. It’s not pretty, and it doesn’t play well in the arena of polite and politic — but at least we understand — and so we can be forgiving, and hold ourselves and each other in compassion.

As our very challenging year draws to a close, so our immense sojourn through 3-D begins to draw to a close. Wow!

And soon, (December 21st) the Winter Solstice is upon us. In the midst of this great crossing over, it is such a crucial time, because we plant our dreams for the New Year at the Solstice. But this year— we plant our dreams for our New World at the same time!

The December Cosmic Times speaks in detail about this time, and provides us with such a powerful way to use the Solstice to successfully plant what we wish to reap in 2014. If you haven’t already, please make sure you get your copy by signing up for the Cosmic Times HERE. I wish you beautiful and fulfilling holidays, and look forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks.
Much Love,

  1. Wow, Ellen. You have captured in words and on paper what I’m experiencing. My dad, who is 94, is walking or I should write falling down (he had another fall last night) a similar path as your mom. He’s not ready to let go telling me he wants to see how I turn out. How funny is that?! So, thank you for sharing in such an accurate and poetic way.
    Love, Hugs and Blessings!

  2. Very well said, Ellen, as always.

  3. Dearest Ellen,

    Thank you for sharing so beautifully with us your mother’s hopes and struggles. We pray for her and for you the attainment of the peace and acceptance that are often just beyond our grasp.

    With great love,


  4. Magnificent. Perhaps your most eloquent, poetic, honest, and articulate blog yet. Thank you for sharing so boldly and truly.

  5. I was trying to link to the latest blog, the Embracing Separation one. Well, I saw the beginning of it on my email. So, yeah about things falling apart… I have book distributors trying to destroy my books (new linguistics, Celtic basis for saving Native American languages), and making difficult demands on my for storage payments (their expense for their operations) and bringing forward deadlines after payment just made… It’s really harsh. Been without any income for months. But anyway I had a look at hate blog that came out against me after lies were published about me in 2012 jan-feb. And I found myself more able to focus on the threads of each person’s issues and manners. So it’s something. I hope that soon I will be out of this awful hole! The past two years has been really harsh, but there are highlights. Now I’m focusing on practical work, electrician study to help me develop land. Though on the subdivision the committee are manoeuvering to get the poorer people like me out. I have tires there for a future tire house, and it’s an issue with them. It’s hard to try to create a future. I was teaching overseas in Asia and the Mideast for 11 years, and trying to settle down. I’m old. I won’t have a pension. So I hope I can develop my land. Someone I taught with in Saudi Arabia put me onto you Eileen. I also have a new astrology system that I hope will be available to the public in the upcoming year or two. If lucky, I can get a software program done for it to help with some of the tasks / speed. It’s really awesome, first time I found my three mothers in a horoscope. Uses fixed stars.

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