Loosening and Letting Go

Can you feel all the defining lines fading before your very eyes?  Are you aware of all the ties that bind loosening and letting go? It is very subtle — but those structures that have held us forever, that are so much a given part of the fabric, that are like the air we breathe — seem no longer sufficient, are giving way, are softening, melting, liquefying…

As we let go, we are let go of. Time, that has held us steady forever, becomes less and less steady, more and more mutable. Words and language, that have structured our interacting forever, become less and less efficient, more and more diffuse.

We can even feel the great archetypes, that have always given us clear maps by which to navigate our lives, begin to shake and shudder and lose their clarity, their meaning, their significance. Particularly the great American archetypes, like the right to unbridled greed, and the freedom to rise up to become anything, and individual license versus the collective good, and the Great American Dream, and…. all are becoming a little blurry.

Our deepest foundational beliefs are letting go of us as we begin to go beyond them, and come to newer, more expanded experiences of Life and Death, Male and Female, Matter and Spirit, and the very nature of our Beingness, and Earth’s.

No matter who I speak with, you tell me how very disconnected and lost you feel right now. Although it is a wonderful thing to expand beyond what we have known — it is also terribly uncomfortable. There is nothing that is clear at this point, because clarity, by its very nature, is defining, and so, limiting. All the lines are dissolving. We are left with an uncertain murkiness. It’s as though all the balls are in the air right now, and they are not even thinking of landing. In fact, there are so many up there, they are all bumping and knocking into one another — you can’t even see anymore which ones belong to you.

The uniquely American holiday of Thanksgiving approaches. This year is an amazing year — Thanksgiving coincides with the first day of Chanukah, the Jewish celebration of Light. Because the Jewish calendar is a lunar calendar, the holidays come on different solar calendar dates every year. This union of Thanksgiving and the beginning of Chanukah has not happened in over 125 years, and because of the Precessions of the Equinoxes, will not happen again for another 78,000 years! And there are no coincidences.

It is time to give Thanks for the Light – for a New Light — for the New Light of growing Consciousness that is absolutely filling us as we let go of the old limiting beliefs and archetypal designs and languaging that supports the old energies and…

There is a New Consciousness. It emerges in the spaces we make as we let go of the old smallnesses. It is here. We are just beginning to glimpse it, to taste it. Let us look for it, and take it in, and imbibe it, and give Thanks for it during our Thanksgiving feasts, so that this New Light of Consciousness is magnified by our celebrations, and expands to fill our world.

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