A Deep Time

It’s such a deep time! Astrologically speaking, we are in the “heart of darkness” that is the Scorpio energy. In addition, this last week, the Scorpio Solar Eclipse and both Mercury’s and now Jupiter’s retrograde motion serve to turn any dialogue and expansiveness from outside expression to deep internal digging and reorganizing.

I’m hearing from so many of you that the chaos and demands from the outside only continue to increase in intensity – to the point of total overwhelm and panic! — and that (in spite of our ongoing question, “When will this be over??!??”) we are beginning to understand that we will only find a graceful way of living like this, by doing the deep internal transformation that is being offered to us right now.

The message of this transformation continues: Let go… Let go… Let go…. I don’t know about you, but it seems to me as though there is no end to the letting go. No matter how much I attempt to surrender control, no matter how much I open my heart, no matter how the compassion flows, no matter how much I accept, no matter to what extent I am aware of the perfection in all of it — there are always new levels opening before me that demand more… Letting go…

It feels like we are in a very steep learning curve, as though we are all back in school, and even if manage to read through the entirety of our reading lists, there are always more books beckoning to us from the library stacks. All on the same subject:— emptying ourselves out, clearing away old patterns, sweeping the foundation clean, giving up limiting beliefs — and becoming bigger, more powerful, more expanded than could ever be imagined, as the room within our beings is made, for the Divine to fill.

Some of us are getting some powerful help with this. Put up your hand if you or someone you know has had a big fall, or tumble, or has gotten severely knocked (like in a car accident) over the last several months. And the very curious thing about all of these falls and knocks is that no matter how serious they were, there have actually been no serious or lasting injuries as a result.

What is all this falling about? I think we are being helped. (I know — with friends like these, who needs enemies!) But really, the fairly strong hits seem to be knocking the very old patterns right out of us. Almost everyone who reports serious falls and accidents, also reports that they also felt somehow protected before, during and after — and that they experienced a sense of openness, or expansiveness, or peace afterwards.

And of course, as you know from the October Cosmic Times, we are in the immense process of integrating absolutely vast new energies and entities that have come to join us and be us — and imagine attempting to do this without having already done some big cleaning out and letting go!!!

We are so well taken care of! There is amazing perfection. And the miracles are ever-present. I invite you to do the deep journey with me beginning right now —Tuesday evening, November 12th, and join our teleclass, The Herstory of the World — 1 ½ hours on the telephone, on Tuesday evenings for four weeks — to hear and play with four ancient epic myths of the Divine Feminine, the Shechinah — that shape our world. Your worldview will change forever — and with that, you will change the world! You can join us by clicking HERE.

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