Yes, life continues to be crazy – but maybe not quite as crazy as it was several weeks ago. We are in the middle of a powerful Mercury Retrograde, which affects communication, so our telephones and printers, email and computers, conversations and schedules are all mixed up and misbehaving.

But truly, in the midst of our multi-layers of multi-tasking, aren’t you beginning to feel that there is a little bit more breathing room, a little bit more time-space than you felt even a couple of weeks ago?

The crises around health and money and housing and work, and the uncertainties around direction and purpose and mission and meaning, all continue — but I believe we are somehow gentling ourselves into the paces of their unfoldings, we are somehow matching our rhythms to their musics — and there is a new sense of Grace that comes for us with all of that.

Even though we remain sore and bruised from the onslaughts of this last month, I think we are beginning to also be able to recognize the blessings that fill this level of incredible transformation.

The large and small calamities/transformations of our lives force us to let go of the limited versions of ourselves that we know all too well — and so we become larger, wiser, more expanded, more Grace-full versions of ourselves. We are being more fully sourced. We can feel the growing presence of the Divine Feminine as we experience the growing unification of Male and Female, of Light and Shadow, of Life and Death, of Heaven and Earth.

Our world transforms and becomes — because we are transforming and becoming. We become more Grace-full as we join the larger harmonies, and let go and let go and let go and let go….

According to the Cosmic Times, we will be playing in these waves until the Spring — imagine what levels of transformation are possible between now and then! It is a very amazing time to be alive, in body, on this Earthplane!

For all the incredible details, please be sure to read the blow-away October issue of the Cosmic Times. You can get it by clicking HERE.

And for those of you who are so aware of the presence of the Divine Feminine, and would like to play in Her very deep and rich and one-derful ancient wisdoms, please join us for the Herstory of the World, a 4-week Teleclass, beginning on November 12th. You can find details, and register for this HERE. I will so look forward to seeing you in two weeks!

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  1. How can the word “Herstory” convey to you the incredible learning and opening you are about to experience in these 4 Must-Take teleclasses?
    I was overwhelmed at first, then thrilled at the understandings within me that arose that have been life-changing! DO take this class!

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