It’s Real

I don’t remember any time that has been this full of terrible anxiety, grief, desperate aloneness, illness, and off-the-charts craziness.  Hopefully you have read the October issue of the Cosmic Times, and you are fully up-to-date on the why of all of this(If you haven’t yet, don’t wait — run and click HERE to subscribe and get your copy now!)

As you know from the Cosmic Times, we are in the middle of the biggest transformation in the history of Human Beings.  And with this, we are in the process of becoming fully unified, whole beings for the first time ever.  And it’s not just a few folks here and there — it is happening for every single Human Being on Earth!

I  know that so many of us are feeling about 1 millimeter away from a complete nervous breakdown.  The perfect onslaught of life continues, emergencies explode before us daily, there is no space in which to recover, there are no moments in which we can catch our breaths.

Is it any wonder we are at the edge, and thinking that it might feel good to just go over it?  Then we remember that it’s not just us feeling this way — it’s everyone in the whole world!  And we hear the news about crazy people all over doing really crazy things (just look at our government!)

And it is possible to fall into a place of numbing despair and empty hopelessness.

And it seems to me that if you ever doubted the reality of this Ascension Process — if you ever thought that we are really going nowhere fast — with this level of craziness, and this totally accelerated rate of change, there can be no more doubt.

It’s real.  Our world, the order of things, our lives, our bodies, our beings are dying away — so that an entire new Creation can emerge.  And it is emerging.

And this stupendous transformation is almost more than any of us can bear — but we are bearing it, and we will bear it, and the New World will become through us (in spite of us!)

And we will keep breathing, and we will stay in the moment (as much as is Humanly possible) — because when we don’t, we slam into that painful anxiety, grief, and aloneness that mark the entrance to 3-D.  Breathing and letting go into 5-D feels so much saner, so much better.

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Much Love,


  1. I agree with the facts that so much is falling apart, however so many quality paths have already opened thru cooporative businesses, community banking, small farming coming back, more and more organized bardering, sharing of ideas, clothing, cars etc. Not often on the front pages but solid at TEDtalks and on Wired abd for years on YES magazine. Cosmic has delivered the long term plan and it has been and will continue to build our new society.

  2. Hi Ellen.

    Hope all is well with you and Rabbi Wayne. I am in LA, where I rented a small apt. and am trying out life here. It is about 10 minutes from Robin and about 25 minutes from Randi. I really hope it works out and then I will try to sell my house and find something a little bigger.

    Ellen, I want to let you know that I am not receiving copies of the Cosmic Times, for which I subscribed. I do get your blogs, but that’s all.

    Sending my very best wishes,

  3. Ellen, I continue to be amazed and in awe at how truly tapped in and tuned in you are to the heartbeat of not only the universe but to us. This blog spoke directly to what is going on within and around me, in particular this line: “I know that so many of us are feeling about 1 millimeter away from a complete nervous breakdown.” I have been having mini breakdowns (they feel major) that are leading to mighty break-thrus. I just wish they there weren’t so many of them all at once and that it wasn’t happening concurrently to so many around me. It’s easy to get overwhelmed which is why I found your blog so encouraging: it validated that I am not alone. Somehow, that offers me immense comfort. For instance, the following line made both my daughter and I laugh because it’s so true: “We hear the news about crazy people all over doing really crazy things (just look at our government!).” Honestly, when you look at how insane and infantile our leaders are behaving, I don’t feel so bad about my own behavior.

    On a different note, I wanted to thank you for the life altering, heart opening, mind expanding experience you facilitated in my Soul Memory Discovery session. I have signed up for quite a few different types of therapeutic, metaphysical, transformative sessions that all made sense to me at the time. However, until your session, none have even afforded me an authentic inner knowing that I had actually reached the core of my inexplicable angst and inability to rewire my self sabotaging beliefs and behavior. It’s only been a few days since my session, and although the external stressors have not shifted yet (they are still coming at me from multiple directions) what has shifted is that I find myself less reactive and making choices that break old patterns. Mere words cannot express my appreciation for you being an open door for the light to shine thru on all who are staying stuck way too long in old stuff that is no longer serving the greater good.

    Continued blessings to you and the Good Rabbi.

    Parthenia Grant, PhD
    Host of Divine Love Talk on CRN

  4. I have once again lost my Cosmic Times. I usually save it to read when I am not rushed and can really focus and time and again I find it gone from my email when I set aside the time to read it! Can you please resend it to me? Thanks, Jocelyn P.S. I’ve really been getting much more from my pendulum since the pendulum class-Thank You

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