Welcome to our World right now!

Girl's hands holding globe --- Image by © Royalty-Free/CorbisHave you been cleaning up, clearing out, making space, striving to simplify?

Are your families in amazing disarray? Are family members in crisis? Does it feel like all the old dynamics and roles are falling apart?

Does it seem that every old dysfunctional pattern you have every played in is up and in your face?

Are you going from emergency to emergency, desperately trying to regroup and restore in between emergency phone calls?

Are you feeling the need to isolate and be gentle with yourself, (i.e. crawl into bed and pull up the covers), but continue to be pulled in to fix the crazy world instead?

Is your life in chaos?

Are you crying at the drop of a hat?

Are you playing at the edges of deep depression, high anxiety, losing it completely?

Are you feeling so stretched, it’s hard to remember your name, much less get enough sleep?

Are you so uncomfortable inside that you wonder if the peace you remember living in for a long time now, was just an illusion?

Are you feeling an incredible need to make the inside match the outside?

Are you feeling lonely and alone?

Whew! Ouch! Welcome to our world right now! — If you answered YES to any of these questions, know that you are in perfect step, that everything is unfolding perfectly, and that this is an amazing and perfect world. Why??

Believe it or not, the October Cosmic Times is here early (and will be available in a few days) — and tells us exactly what is going on (it’s incredible), and how to play in all of this (it’s so welcome)!

This is a knock-your-socks-off transmission, and definitely not one to be missed!

To make absolutely sure you get to read this Cosmic Times, I would like to offer you a special gift.

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I will so look forward to seeing you in this Blog in two weeks!

Much Love,



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