So many amazing things are happening! I need to talk today about material that was at the heart of the August edition of the Cosmic Times — so I apologize to those of you who haven’t yet read it, because you will probably find yourself confused — and again, I invite you, I urge you, to please not miss this Cosmic Times, and to go get your copy now by clicking HERE!

So here goes: Do you remember that because of the very ancient herstory which resulted in Mankind’s banishment by Earth and Light becoming the exclusive domain of Mankind, that Womankind has never (until this moment) had the authority to transmit Light? And do you remember that of course Womankind went ahead anyway, and has always transmitted Light, but that without the authority to do so, has never actually done it well enough?

So here’s the next part for us, and it is a doozy! Because of Mankind’s forced banishment from Earth, Mankind has actually never had the authority to manifest. Manifestation of course is about enabling something to come into matter. The word, matter, is from the Latin, mater, which means Mother. It belongs to the Feminine, to Mother Earth. So of course, Mankind would have not had the authority to manifest!

But, just as Womankind went ahead anyway to transmit Light, so Mankind has, even without the authority, always continued to manifest. And, like Womankind and the transmission of Light, so Mankind has never manifested well enough — and indeed, we can see that so much of Mankind’s manifestation is out of harmony with Earth, and has been truly against her.

And so tremendous work was done, that resulted in Womankind being granted the authority to transmit Light. And, following that, the work was done that enabled Mankind to be granted the authority to manifest.

And as the great polarity of Earth and Air, of Feminine and Masculine, of Dark and Light — of Matter and Spirit! — begins to heal, and these ones move toward unification, we begin to see miracles here. Lots of them.

Spirit and Matter are beginning to come together as One! Think about it — in the last couple of weeks, as absolutely crazy as everything has truly been — are you not more aware of magic happening for you? Of the Hand of the Divine moving things around in palpable ways? Of the unexpected, maybe surprising entrance of Spirit into your everyday living? Of synchronicities and “coincidences”, sudden available solutions, big “Aha’s”, quick kindnesses that bring tears, unlooked-for openings, sudden easys that should have been harder…?

It is what we have been waiting, working, hoping for — for eons. Spirit and Matter are coming together. And it is just beginning. There will be more. And more, and more, and more — until we are absolutely aware that every moment is absolutely miraculous, because there is no moment in which the Divine is not absolutely present.

Of course, all of this already is — it is just a Matter of the level of our Spiritual development. Are we lucky to be present here now, or what???

As you can gather, the August Cosmic Times is amazing! — Please run to subscribe HERE and do not miss this one!

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