The Age of Aquarius

What an amazing time! We all seem to be hitting the wall so fast and so hard, it’s almost impossible to stay on top of it all! We are losing family and friends and health and relationships and pets and homes and jobs and vehicles. The foundations of our beliefs and values and expectations and dreams are being challenged and broken up and carted away. And of course, the grief for many of us is overwhelming, and we are having lots of good cries every day.

From a 3-D perspective, this is awful. From a larger perspective, this is indeed challenging — but also exhilarating and hopeful and freeing and expansive and, dare I even say it — fun! — sort of like a very scary roller coaster ride. (Somehow, though, I don’t think we’re going to get off this one, and say, “Ooh, let’s do it again!”)

So, an amazing thing happened. Do you remember that on July 29th, we had this remarkable astrological configuration in the heavens? There was a perfect sextile in the sky — from Earth’s perspective, six great planets were placed to make a perfect Star of David.

But according to the astrologers, from my perspective, this sextile contained an even greater miracle. On that day, “The Moon was in the Seventh House, and Jupiter aligned with Mars…”

July 29th was, indeed, absolutely, the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. (Do you remember who sang that song from Hair? It was (of course!) the Fifth Dimension.)

And so, of course! the whole world seems to be hitting the wall — the old Age is passing right now, and we are right now, entering a new Age. And so anything that is not mutable or suitable for this Age of Aquarius is being swept away, and we are starting with clean slates. (And because the sweeping-out door is open, so many are taking this opportunity to leave their bodies, so they can continue supporting this great Ascension from the other side.)

And I have been hearing about yet another thing that is happening for us. In the last two weeks, so many of you have shared with me your recent experiences of boundary transgressions, in which, much to your displeasure, people have come into your space without permission, usually to do something they think is nice for you. Someone told me about a “Do Not Disturb” sign that has been removed from her outside door every time she puts a new one out! The news is full of the potential boundary transgressions by the NSA, and our greater and greater awareness that there is actually no such thing as privacy. (So far, it doesn’t make us happy.) A couple of people have shared with me invasive medical procedures that were required (but definitely not wanted), that, without intending to, actually created greater flexibility and capacities to be open!

I think that in this new Age of Aquarius, God is knocking on our doors, and saying, “Let Me in. Open up your doors. Let go of your small spaces, your contraction, your fears that imprison you, your limited sense of who you are. Let Me in. I have always been fully present to you — now you be fully present to Me. Show up. It’s time to partner. Let Me in.”

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