The River of Life

I am watching something amazing happening in our world right now. I would like to share my observations with you today, but am afraid that you will see it all as very heavy or serious or even dark — and it is anything but that! So please, I so appreciate your setting aside any preconceptions or knee-jerk reactions. Here goes ¬—

Just as we are witnessing the beginnings of the uniting of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine, so I am noticing the beginning unification of the other enormous Polarity in our world — Life and Death.

How many very serious, even possibly life-threatening ailments are we seeing right now? How many people are passing right now? And for those of us who are not actively in the midst of these, the absolutely giant level of transformation that is happening for every one of us puts all of us at that intense crossroad, where we choose to either hang onto what is passing, or open our arms to what is coming.

Forever, we have separated Life and Death, and set them opposite each other. But we know the reality is that they always go together as one, and there is not a birthing without a deathing, and emerging can only come from a passing. They always go hand-in-hand. There is not one without the other.

And so one is not Good and the other Bad. They are One and inseparable, and magnificent and perfect together.

We are getting the opportunity right now to begin recognizing this, and to let go of all the heaviness that has been our Human reaction to passing, to deathing.

What if our only job was to stand at that crossroad, knowing it is really a point in the River of Life, and let all that is coming toward us, pass through us, so that every moment, we can be fully present and filled with the ever-changing Presence that flows without end? What if our only job is to be that Vessel, that Channel, for the Divine?

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