Two weeks ago, I wrote about how all the 3-D pieces were being stripped away, and we were really being taken down to bedrock. And of course as that happens, there is so much room for 5-D to emerge!

We talk about the 5-D experience being one of heightened Consciousness — in which we are more and more aware that everything is an expression of the Divine, that everyone and everything is holy — in which we feel the Presence of Spirit all the time, because that is truly all there is!

And as there is more and more room for this awareness to emerge, we understand that All That Is is ever-present and ever-available. And we find ourselves coming into this time we have been waiting for, in which we truly Ask for… and… Receive it.

So I have an amazing story for you. A while ago, I began asking for miracles. Obviously our lives, our world, are filled with millions of miracles every day. But I wanted big MIRACLES — ones in which you could really see the Hand of God clearly shaping something in our lives.

About three weeks ago, my beautiful husband, Rabbi Wayne, got really sick to his stomach. It went on and on, some days he felt better, some days worse. He went to two different wonderful doctors we’ve known for decades, who never miss a diagnosis — one said it was food poisoning, the other said it was a parasite from the food poisoning, and began treating him.

About the same time, Wayne realized that his eyesight was declining. So he called our fabulous ophthalmologist, who saw him last Thursday. He told him that he had scary news and also good news. The scary news was that the things called “angles” in the eyes were narrowing for Wayne, and if they narrowed all the way and closed, it would result in instant blindness. The angles were narrowing in both eyes, but one eye was already so narrow, that it could close any time. The good news was that these could be fixed with laser surgery. And so we held our breath over the weekend, and Wayne had one eye surgery on Monday morning, and the other on Tuesday morning. And his eyes are fine.

Tuesday morning, he was home for no more than an hour, when the abdominal pain became so bad, that I insisted we go to the Emergency Room — where they admitted Wayne to the hospital with very severe pancreatitis, and told him he would need to have his gall bladder removed.

The surgery could not be done until some of the infection and inflammation healed, and so, for a couple of days poor Wayne was hooked up to lots of tubes and machines. Finally, the doctors said they could go ahead with the surgery, and it was scheduled for the next day.

That afternoon, Wayne remembered that we needed to call the ophthalmologist to ask if the anesthesia used for the eye surgeries would interfere with the anesthesia that they would use in this surgery.

We called the eye doctor, and he was stunned to hear what was happening. He said that no, there would be no interference — and that in fact, it was quite the opposite: If Wayne had not come in, and they had not found the angles, and he had not had the laser procedures, the anesthesia used in the gall bladder surgery would most likely have shut the angles — and Wayne would have woken up from the surgery BLIND.

If either of the first two doctors had provided a correct diagnosis, Wayne would have had the surgery two weeks ago, and would have come out of it blind — and no one would have known why. If the abdominal pain had become intolerable the day before, or the week before… but it only became unbearable an hour after the second eye surgery was complete!

I asked to see the Hand of God. I asked for billboard-sized miracles. I am satisfied. And grateful.

And now, since clearly we are living, “Ask, and you shall receive,” I am going to ask to see these Hand-of-God Miracles every day! What will you ask for? How about if we ALL start asking for World Peace?

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Much Love,


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