Maintaining “Heavenly” Space

It feels like we are in the very middle of the most enormous turn we have ever made.  We are at the apex of the turn, where, after such a long curve, we are finally just beginning the turn toward where we are really headed.  And for the first time, we are getting tiny glimpses, glimmerings, of what our new world, our new being, might actually look like!

Everything is certainly being wiped clean — if it is too tightly based in 3-D vibrational Consciousness, it falls apart, disappears, breaks, is no more, is eliminated from our lives — to be replaced, to make way for, to allow for, the emergence of the 5-D forms we have been so eagerly awaiting.  We are definitely practicing letting go! — of everything from cars and computers, appliances and roofs, to friendships and family, jobs and homes and health.

My guess is that we will experience these waves of release and emerging many many times as we slowly, carefully evolve into 5-D — but no doubt about it, at this time, it feels as though we are being taken down to bedrock.

I’ve been comparing notes with so many of you — and it sounds like we are really tasting what it can be like to live in that magical, quantum experience of 5-D.  So long as we are there, it is indeed, heavenly.  But when we slip out of that level of Consciousness and move back into 3-D polarity —it’s a big ouch!  We are swinging up and down, in and out of those magical moments where we glimpse what Oneness can be like — it makes the 3-D experience so much harder to manage!

Don’t get me wrong!  3-D is very much alive and well and flourishing on this planet — and we get to play in it in all the mundane places in our lives.  When we shop and bank and drive and intersect with any company or bureaucracy, when we interact with most of the folks we work with, we are, by necessity, engaged with that old familiar 3-D level of Consciousness.  It’s why being can feel so very hard at times right now.

I think there are two (at least) different ways to maneuver through all of this. Sometimes as I anticipate intersecting with the 3-D world, I find that I am dreading it a little — I’ll feel a bit down, a bit grim.  I wonder if I am lowering my vibration so that I match the 3-D vibrations.  When I do this, I get completely clobbered and wiped out by the 3-D details, the 3-D despair, all the “stuff” of 3-D.

But if I maintain my 5-D vibrating, and keep my heart wide open, and let the compassion flow, I find that rather than coming up under the 3-D experience, I am able to engage it from above — and it doesn’t touch me.  I get done what I need to get done, and have remained in that “heavenly” space.

How do I know which choice I am making?  A simple observation tells me:  If I am judging my 3-D experience as “good” or “bad,” I know I have lowered my vibration.  If it is neither good nor bad, but just “is,” I know my heart is open and I am coming into 3-D with my 5-D Consciousness whole and intact.

What a ride this is!   I never much enjoyed roller coasters — until now!  If you really want a great ride, be sure to read this exquisite and powerful June edition of the Cosmic Times.  It is packed with very juicy details and incredibly helpful information about what is.  To subscribe, please click HERE, and become a part of the Cosmic Times family.

Although I thoroughly enjoy sharing with you each week, Guidance has strongly suggested to me that I write this Blog every other week — at least for a while.  So I will look forward to seeing you in 2 weeks!

Much Love,


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