Myriad Tangles

We totally understand that we are being deeply uprooted, that all the old beliefs are being dug up and tossed away, and that all that we know is being wiped away. If we didn’t believe it last week, there is no doubt for us this week, after watching the SuperTornado completely clean away an entire suburb. We get it.

What is a little mystifying is what began to occur after the Tornado. It seems that everything that was sort of moving along in a relatively harmonious, smooth kind of way — the everyday things we all do ad seriatum — became really hard and difficult. It was like we all hit a really big invisible wall, and nothing now is working smoothly. I have heard from so many of you that it felt like all of a sudden we were paddling upstream without our paddles, or we were trying to walk forward into 50mph winds, or we were driving the wrong way on the freeway.

And it wasn’t just the things that we do — all of our communications and relationships seemed to get really twisted up. Our computers crashed. Our cars broke down. Our houses and appliances fell apart. And so far, trying to get them fixed is one of those nightmares where you run into a repeating loop, and nothing ever moves forward or resolves. Gosh, it’s been hard!

Yes, it is a Full Moon, and an Eclipse on top of that. And yes, there are other funky astrological happenings in the Heavens. But I think about how hard it seems to be here — and I can’t even begin to imagine the nightmares that are being played out in Oklahoma, and other places where the landscape has been wiped clean.

So what is happening? It feels as though we are getting caught in myriad tangles — maybe we are getting tangled in our own issues as we dig deep into some of our darker places? Maybe we are getting tangled in the doubts that come from not being able to have any clear notion of what lies ahead for us? Maybe we are getting tangled in the releasing and emerging that is happening simultaneously as the Ascension Process unfolds?

Even as we speak, the June edition of the Cosmic Times is channeling through. And the good news is that in this Cosmic Times, the Ascension Council is telling us what all of this is about, and what we can do about it! It is an amazing issue, with answers to all the questions we’ve been asking about over the last couple of months, as well as beautiful and inspiring information about who we are, and what we can expect to see in our world.

If you are not already, I invite you to become a subscriber, so that you get this invaluable information. To sweeten it for you, if you sign up as a new subscriber by clicking HERE in the next 2 1/2 weeks, by June 10th, you will get a 10% discount, as well as the most recent April edition of the Cosmic Times. I so hope you join this wonderful Cosmic Times family now! The June issue will be out to you at the end of the week, and so I will see you in 2 weeks.

Much Love,

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