The ShadowSelf

If it is possible, it seems that this week was even more intense than the previous week!  We got to experience the most amazing expressions of violence, betrayals of trust, and explosive disruption — within our relationships!  I can’t tell you how many shatterings I have heard about this week in families, friendships, small communities, and in the intimacies of love partnerships, business partnerships, teacher-student partnerships, collegial partnerships, all kinds of partnerships.  And we have certainly been privy to this through the news media, as our hearts break in Cleveland and in Phoenix.

Last week, I wrote about the choice we are giving ourselves right now — to either step up and choose to be truly ALIVE, or to get off the planet.  And I think the relational explosions this week directly follow this.

If we can just let go — stop holding on — to anything — if we can walk around with hands that are not holding, grasping, being shaped like fists by clinging — with truly open hands — then we are ready to welcome, connect with, embrace what is right there, present in front of us — in each moment.  Then we have the possibility of truly showing up, being Conscious, being fully present, being ALIVE.

So being ALIVE means to be fully present in the moment, and showing up to it in the fullness of ourselves.  And  “Aye, there’s the rub!”

We Human Beings are built in the most astonishing way.  It is our nature to take our ShadowSelf, those parts of us we are not able to embrace, the pieces that are unacceptable to us, the things we don’t like about ourselves — and get rid of it all by projecting it, throwing it right on to someone else.  We cover a fairly innocent bystander in the very stuff we despise — and so of course we now have every right to see that person as the Other, and make every attempt to annihilate him or her, and rid the world of yucky Shadow.  And that has been the history of our world up until this time.

Last week, we began to make the decision to either be fully present, or leave.  This week, as we approach being fully present, we get really busy projecting all our garbage onto the people all around us — and our relationships explode in violence and betrayal…

This coming week, as we work on stepping up in our fullness, what if we agreed to begin to change our Human nature?  It takes becoming Conscious in ways we have never been before.

How do we know that we are getting ready to project our stuff onto someone else?  If we find ourselves going into knee-jerk reactivity, we can be fairly certain we have just bumped into our Shadow.  If we find ourselves with a big emotional charge about something, we can be fairly certain we have just bumped into our Shadow — the very Shadow that we have already covered somebody else in.

And what are we supposed to do with our Shadow once we bump into it?  Just like we are working on keeping our hands open — so it is time to work on keeping our hearts open — so we can welcome our Shadow home, and embrace ALL the parts of ourselves in Compassion.  To be continued…

In the meantime, thank Heavens the June Cosmic Times is just around the corner!  I can’t wait to see what the Ascension teams have to say about all of this!  To be sure to receive it, for the next two weeks, click HERE to subscribe — and you will receive the previous 2 Cosmic Times issues as our thank you gift.   See you next week.

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