Today is “This Day”

Now I know why we got a bit of a break from our usual too-crowded fast-paced lives this last week. Wasn’t it a tremendously intense week?? I think it was so very intense because we are all being faced with a big choice right now. This is maybe one of the biggest choices of our lives.

The question that seems to be before us is whether or not we choose to live or die. How about that, for an intense question!
No, I’m serious. I think that is the question. Forever, up until now we have been able to choose, if we wished, to half-live — to pretend, to slide under the radar, to hide most of ourselves away, to live on half-truths, to be lazy, to numb ourselves, to waste much of our lives, to go for it but not really, to intend but never act on it, to do life, excuse me, “half-assed.”

I don’t think we have that choice anymore. With the influxes of Light, and the rising vibrations, half-life is no longer a viable option. There is no more possible place for that manner of “living,” and it is being cast into the much more appropriate category of “death.”
It is time to CHOOSE LIFE. If we wish to continue breathing in these bodies, it is time to CHOOSE LIFE — to step up to the plate, to go for it, to step forward into the full expression of the truths of our essences, to take a stand for ourselves, for our Truths, to bless the world with the passions of our Hearts, to not just stand for something, but to stand OUT for something, to be real, to be unafraid, to realize that we are nothing even as we are everything. To be ALIVE.

There is nothing that belongs to us. Nothing. Not our possessions, not our inventions or creations, not our gifts or talents, not our fears or patterns, not our relationships or roles, not our bodies, not our minds, not our souls. Nothing.
As soon as we hold onto something thinking that it is ours, we cease to be fully ALIVE. The music keeps playing, and every one of these things, from our possessions to our souls, is like a momentary dance partner that we get to whirl around the dance floor once — and the only meaningful decision we have is how beautifully, gorgeously, ågracefully, creatively, lovingly, magnificently we will make that spin with that partner, before another and another and another and another is before us, awaiting her turn.

It has been an intense week, as we make our choices. Either we opt to be ALIVE, or we now are opting to be dead. I begin to really feel the impact of the lines in Deuteronomy, “I set before you this day, Life and Death. Choose Life.” Today is “This Day.”

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