A Little Break

This week I have begun to breathe.  I actually have a bit of room in my schedule.  Truly, I don’t remember this kind of possible spaciousness in more years than I can remember.   It’s not like I don’t have a whole lot to do — but somehow there is less pressure, there is less of a sense of urgency, there is a letting up, as though we’ve all been given a small reprieve, a little break from the breakneck pace we’ve been keeping for a very long time.

It’s as though the enormous move that we’ve been working toward has occurred.  There are many other jobs waiting for us, but before we get to them, we have this small opportunity to step back and take a quick look at what we have just accomplished.

And the move that has taken place is indeed, enormous.  We have begun the weaving of polarity, the unification of the Male and Female. Separation is not getting a lot of airtime anymore.  Messages about Oneness are everywhere.

We who care about things like this have been doing the heavy lifting for such a long time, we can’t ever remember not doing it.  It’s an amazing thing to think about — once we were lone and crazy voices in the wilderness.  Now, the general population finds the notion of Oneness underlying advertising campaigns.

Very soon, we will turn toward the next great pieces that have already begun calling to us.  Weaving polarity is no small task.  So it is no wonder that we get a little break before turning our beings to this next great endeavor.

But it is a great gift to get this kind of a breather.  It is a good thing to pat each other and ourselves on the back.   It is very special to have the space to properly thank the Divine.  Probably the best way to express our gratitude is to thoroughly enjoy this R & R.

If you find yourself wanting to go through your drawers and cupboards rather than  meditate, or work on your garden, or new recipe, or art project instead of doing your deep spiritual work — know you are in good company, and we are going to take full advantage of these rare measures of rest in this stampeding symphony of evolution — to restore, renew, and regroup, so that we may be ready for the next great works.

We are midway to the next Cosmic Times.  To make sure you are up to the moment, please use this unusual space to read the April issue of the Cosmic Times — which you can get by clicking HERE, and joining the amazing Cosmic Times family.  I’ll look forward to seeing you next week.

Much Love,



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