What is Oneness?

What a week. What an intensely painful, profoundly confusing, soul-shaking week. Yes, we understand that astrologically, there is this heavenly conjunction involving Uranus, the planet associated with explosive surprises, and Mars, the planet associated with war and violence — but oh my.

And yes, all of our hearts open, and the love and compassion flow out to the City of Boston, and the Town of West, and the Sichuan Province and all the victims and families and communities and groups — and perpetrators. And more hearts open, and there is greater Love, and we all talk about, and even feel and experience Oneness — but oh my.

What is Oneness? Another word for Oneness is Holiness. The great angels, the Seraphim stand on either side of the Throne of Glory and chant, tone, call across the Heavens, “Holy! Holy! Holy!” “Kadosh! Kadosh! Kadosh!” “Sanctus! Sanctus! Sanctus!” And from that chanting emerges the Love Vibration, which is the elemental foundation of all substance in Creation. That is, Love comes from Oneness.

Look at this word, “substance.” In the Latin, sub means under. Stance means standing. The word substance means understanding.

And what is Oneness? It is the understanding that there is no separation between Anochi, the FullSource, and all of Anochi’s creations. That every creation is an expression of, an extension of, filled with, of the Divine.

And this Divinity, this Anochi, is whole. This Anochi is All That Is, is unified Male/Female, is Woven Polarity, is One. And if we are one with this Oneness, then we also are unified male-female, woven polarity.

This is where we are headed. This is what our levels of Consciousness strive toward. We are on our way — and we are not arrived yet.For the Male and the Female to be unified, for there to be woven polarity, we have to let go of our violence, and the anger that underlies it, and the pain that underlies our anger, and the fear that underlies our pain.

We are in the process of letting go — of all of this. It is what we are witnessing and experiencing this week. It is, in its unfolding, a good thing.

The great angels, the Seraphim, stand on either side of the Throne of Glory, across from each other, opposite each other, holding a polarity, to chant back and forth, “Oneness! Oneness! Oneness!” It is the awareness of the Presence of Anochi between them that unifies them, that enables a woven polarity. And so can we be.

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