The Only Possible Place of Orientation

So often these days, I am feeling as though I don’t know who I am, I don’t know who my sweet husband is, I don’t have any idea what I am doing here, or what I am supposed to be doing, or why. I feel disconnected and disoriented, like I am in free-float. I should be afraid that I am falling, or heading toward danger, but I have no idea what is up or down, left or right, inside or outside — so I have no clue about whether or not I am in trouble.

Most of the time I feel fine in this strange state, trusting that all is perfect, and everything is unfolding in perfect ways. And every now and then I wonder about my sanity, and briefly give in to crazy-making anxiety and despair.

I share this with you because I am guessing that this is happening for many of us. Here’s my take on reality: This is a New World. And there is no more energy backing the old patterns. And so there is really absolutely nothing to fall back on. If we try, we just keep falling. The only way now is forward. But there’s nothing out there — yet.

And so, the only possible place of orientation is our Core, our Essence, our Center, our I Am Presence, our GodSelf. It would be the only stable, solid, unchanging element about us.

So, get a load of this (!) — Our I Am Presence, is a part of Anochi, the FullSource. Anochi, as you know from last week, means I Am, and is the Name in Bible of FullSource. And Anochi is gender-full. Anochi is the fully unified Male-Female.

When I can remain fully oriented to my GodSelf, my I Am Presence, I am oriented toward Anochi, the unified Male-Female, that place in which the basic Polarity is healed, and has moved into Oneness. That Oneness Consciousnes of course, belongs to 5-D. When I lose that orientation, and fall out of my I Am Presence, I fall back into the polarized place of 3-D. And that hurts.

So how can we better maintain that orientation to our I Am Presence that enables us to BE the Consciousness of 5-D??

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