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What an amazing Cosmic Times came last week for April!  There is so much there to give us hope and to point us in clearer directions!  Truly, if you didn’t get it yet, do not delay — run to sign up HERE, and with your subscription, you will also receive the previous two issues as our thank you.

You know I don’t normally begin by urging you to join the Cosmic Times family, but as I read the April issue, I came to an incredible realization.  For me, the shining bright sparkle at the center of this Cosmic Times is how it is that the whole of Creation is being set up so that Human Beings are swiftly coming into our role as full co-creative partners with FullSource.  And it occurred to me that if our role is shifting vis-à-vis FullSource — then (according to Oneness understanding, as well as systems theory) FullSource must be shifting as well.  And then I realized what an anthropocentric notion that is — I had it backwards. It is only because FullSource has already shifted FullSource’s Self to allow Humans to be aware of more of FullSource, that we are able to begin growing into our new roles.

And then I realized that this blog today is the 81st Blog.  81 is a remarkable number.  It is 9 x 9. 9 is the universal number of great universal significance.  It is all, completion, wholeness.  In Hebrew, every letter has a numerical equivalent.  The study of this Hebrew numerology is called Gematria.  According to Gematria, the word, Anochi carries the number 81.  According to scholar, mystic, Rabbi Wayne Dosick, in his new book, Anochi is the real Name of God.  And I understood that in this 81st Blog, I needed to speak about this amazing new book.

Rabbi Dosick’s deep research shows that the names of God we see throughout the Bible are names of only aspects of the FullSource.  YHWH, (or Yahweh,) or El Shaddai, or Elohim, or….  the God we meet in Bible is indeed not the whole GOD, but all are just aspects of the One.  And Rabbi Dosick wondered if he could go back into the original Hebrew and find there, hiding in plain sight for all these millenia, the real Name of God.  And he did.  And that Name is Anochi — 81.  In Hebrew, the word, anochi, means “I”.  But it is not the simple “I”.  There is another Hebrew word for that.  Anochi means the deep “I”, the I Am, the I Am Presence.

The Name, Anochi, shows up in the Bible 359 times.  Anochi is both Divine Male and Divine Female.  Anochi is not the male, authoritarian, vengeful god we have seen in the Bible.  Anochi, the I Am Presence, is the One FullSource of all three Bible-based Western religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam.  Anochi, 81, is the whole, complete, universal, everything-of-the-everything.  Rabbi Dosick has rewritten the Bible for us!

The Real Name of God was published in the Summer of 2012.  It is with this new awareness of the presence of Anochi, the FullSource, that the journey Human Beings are taking toward our FullSelves, toward our I Am Presences, to be full co-creative partners with Anochi can begin

Yes, so many across the centuries who have been hungry for GOD have gone well beyond the Biblical descriptors, and found Source.  In the Jewish tradition, sages and mystics have hinted at the presence in the Bible of Anochi.  But it is only now that the real Name of God can come forward — it is, now, a time for EnLightenment.

For such a long time, those who sought GOD found that to follow Source meant that a partial or total disconnect from religious paths was called for.  For such a long time, there has been such a schism between the religious and the spiritual.

As Truth emerges, and FullSource makes FullSource’s Self known as Anochi, and Human Beings step toward the full expression of our I Am Presences, and Consciousness grows, and Heaven begins to land on Earth, Oneness is — the Divine, the spiritual is everywhere.

For a foretaste, please grab this incredible book, The Real Name of God.  You will be enLightened.  You can find this great book on Amazon.  And if you want an autographed copy, order the book from www.GodIsAnochi.com, and Rabbi Dosick will sign it for you!

Thank you so much for joining me on this blog journey, and being a part of this 81! Next week we will begin a new cycle of 81.  See you then.

Much Love,


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  1. This is the answer I’ve been searching for all my life.
    Thank you for helping to bringing it this truth to the surface.

    Now I am working on finding ways to properly co-create with my inner One Source. Just think what a beautiful world this can become if we all can merge into our own One Source where we can Co-create and turn this dying world into a living one again.

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