Thank goodness the Cosmic Times is due out next week!  Wow, do we have questions that hopefully will begin to be answered in this February edition!  I can list about 17 or 23 off the top of my head, and I’m sure each of us has our own big-question list for Spirit!

Mine begins:  What is the purpose of this particular chaos right now?   How much longer before we have some clarity?  What’s happening with time?  When do things begin moving again?  And what’s the wait about now?  What’s happening with vibratory levels for us and for Earth?  What’s going on with the 7th Cosmic Law and violence in our world?  What’s happening with the coming forward of the Divine Feminine?  What is this presence of Snake in our Consciousness right now? What can be done for the levels of extreme physical/emotional/spiritual pain that some are feeling right now?  What is this particular turning point that we are all anticipating and feeling?  …The list goes on and on….

Here we are on the landing side of the 2012 Winter Solstice — and it just seems to be getting fuzzier and fuzzier!  Many of us are ill or injured or recovering; many of us are temporarily separated out from our normal routines and connections; many of us feel like we are suspended in a cloudy gel, where we are not terribly uncomfortable, but are certainly hanging and waiting and stuck and unclear.

And now, not only are we “breaking,” but all our equipment and appliances and tools are breaking!  And as we go to attend to these breakages and get them fixed, we are astonished both at how easily everything almost magically falls into place, and at the same time, how it is that if anything else can go wrong, it absolutely does!

I know it sounds crazy to say that — these sound like complete opposites!  But indeed, we are having these opposite experiences at the very same time!  And we understand what is happening.

First of all, all of our tools and technologies are being rewired and recalibrated just as we are, and much of the equipment we have and we work with isn’t built to be able to sustain at the higher vibrational levels.  And so as the frequencies raise, the equipment is breaking — both inside and outside!

And we are evolving — we are balancing between 3-D Consciousness and 5-D Consciousness.  That the way sometimes seems magically greased for us is proof-positive that we are definitely living more and more in a 5-D world, in which there isn’t the friction that is the very stuff of the 3-D world.

And it isn’t happening quickly enough.  And we can all feel the immense shifts that seem to be just around the corner — and we grow cranky with impatience!

So we all look forward to the February edition of the Cosmic Times next week!!!  And if you are not already a subscriber, please run now , click HERE, and sign up for the Cosmic Times!  When you subscribe this week, you will also receive a complimentary issue of the great December 2012 Solstice issue, so you can “hit the ground running”!  I will look forward to hearing from you!  See you next week in the Cosmic Times, and back here in a couple of weeks.

Much Love,



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