It’s beginning!  Can you feel it?  Three weeks ago everything was tightly shut. And now there are openings.  Little cracks, little peepholes that hint at the vastness of what can lie ahead.  Truly, this is happening none too soon, because we were all beginning to think that if there weren’t a breath of fresh air soon, we would perish from the stillness, the suspense, the ready-to-burst with anticipation.

It’s more than the Spring, more than the Equinox — although these certainly help.  Something has opened that is allowing for movement — for a different kind of movement than we have known.

First of all, are you noticing that no matter how busy we are, and how we are running all the time, doing the million+ things on our myriad lists — that somehow, there is more time??  I look up at the clock, knowing that 30 minutes or more must have gone by, and that I am now running late (again) — to find that only 10 minutes have elapsed.  And I am stunned. And this is happening more and more.  Is this happening for you?

I am hearing from so many of you that work openings are simply showing up in front of you, and you are being called forward into larger, more expanded work roles, which will allow you to be seen and noticed in ways you never have been before.  It is as though the Divine Feminine is urgently being called for in the world, and if you express that energy, you are being shoved forward to make a Divine Feminine difference in our world.  (Did you notice, by the way, that immediately upon election, this new Pope went to, of all the churches of Rome, the premier Marion Church in the city?)

And can you hear how it is that when the Divine Feminine emerges in this new power-filled way, the Divine Masculine begins to shift and express in complimentary ways? (Look at Obama and Netanyahu in Israel.)

Time is opening, the Divine Feminine is boldly stepping forward — and so much more beyond these things is happening!  Can you feel it all?

It is the beginning of this New World!  What’s happening?  What will this look like? What can we expect? How are we being called to participate?  What does all of this mean for us??

The great news is that we will find out next week, as the April Cosmic Times comes to us!  What a time!!! Truly, there has never ever before been a time like this one in which we find ourselves right now, at this very moment!   Are we blessed, or what??  Do not miss this opportunity to learn how to participate in this amazing time in richer, deeper, more Conscious, more enjoyable ways!  It is one of the many gifts we receive with the Cosmic Times.  When you subscribe this week, you will also receive the two previous issues, so that you find yourself up-to-speed for the April edition.  You can sign up for the Cosmic Times by clicking HERE.  I will look forward to reading the Cosmic Times with you next week, and seeing you in two weeks!

Much Love,


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