Pope Francis and the God Particle

I don’t remember a time when my faith has felt so challenged.  My life is full of wonder and ecstasy, the Divine is present all around… — and I can hardly breathe through the hair-raising suspense sometimes, because I am so overwhelmed by doubt.

Are we really on our way?  Are we truly headed toward Oneness Consciousness?  Is this world of ours getting better, lighter, more awake??  Am I just making all of this up??

And then we get a week like this week.  If we ever doubted — and do we ever! — this week is a gift, a message from the Divine, that says, “This is real, your world is indeed moving toward Eden.”  Thank You!

St. Malachy was an Irish Bishop in the 11th Century, who was also a mystic.  He had a vision that let him see all the popes who would ever sit on Peter’s Throne, and he was able to write down a few sentences that would identify every one of them.  St. Malachy has never been wrong about a pope.  His words, although famously enigmatic, always truly identify the man who will be pope.  He saw 112 popes, and the last pope, the 112th, he describes as the one who will end the Papacy and end the Catholic Church.

Pope Francis I is the 112th pope.  His job becomes to finish the Catholic Church as we have known it for all these eons, and to perhaps utterly transform it for this New World that is on its way.

Those Quantum Physicists among us know that there is no such thing as a coincidence.  And so when I remind you of another piece of news that occurred 2 days following Pope Francis I’s election, you will understand that these are absolutely connected — that there is no separation.

Two days after this election, it was announced that the Higgs Boson had indeed, been found.  This is what both lay and science folks have termed the God Particle.  Mathematically, it had been hypothesized, assumed, but it had never actually been seen (talk about having to go on faith!) — until this week.  The Higgs Boson is what gives particles mass.  It is what fills all time-space — indeed, the God Particle.

We may not feel the impact of these openings for a long time.  But the implications are awesome.  Because it is so nice and reassuring when, every so often, God shows God’s Hand.  Thank You.

And we get to see a whole lot more in just 2 weeks, when the April edition of the Cosmic Times comes out.  I know it will be filled with so many details and so many answers that will allay so much more of our doubting.  If you are not already subscribed to the Cosmic Times, sign up immediately HERE and as our gift to you, you will also receive the 2 most recent issues — the February issue, and the great December Solstice 2012 issue.  I look forward to seeing you next week.

Much Love,


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