It is Us

We all seem to be busy re-writing the stories of our lives.  Usually when we speak about people rewriting history, we are speaking about fact becoming fiction, as the not-so-pretty details are cleaned up and the jagged edges are smoothed out.  But right now somehow we are doing this backwards — it seems we are digging down deep, and unearthing all the tidbits that previously we were able to sweep under the rugs of our denial.  We are becoming willing to take them out into the light of day, and look clearly at them, and actually see them, for maybe the first time — with all their contours and imperfections.

And seeing our lives in this truer light gives rise to a wide variety of fairly intense emotions.   And sometimes those emotions might seem as though they could get the better of us.  And so, some of us this week have felt like maybe we are heading into crisis, or that things that have happened this week are emergencies, and that we had better go to “urgent care” right away.

Why are we able to look at our lives and our stories in a straight way?  How is it that we seem to be facing things squarely?  We only see what we are strong enough to hold.  If we are writing a new story for ourselves, it is because we have grown big enough to own and embrace a greater degree of truth.

There is no emergency.  We are big enough to handle this —or it wouldn’t be here.  And the more we come to terms with — the more truth lands within us — the more we let go of the crookedness with which we have had to walk, in order to balance out the crookedness of the stories we have carried.

What a relief!  What a joy!  What freedom!  I wonder if some of the big gulps we have experienced over this last period of time aren’t actually our first big gulps of freedom…?

Can you feel the big, new, exciting, expansive who-knows-what on its way?  Can you feel it beginning to stir and stretch?  It is Us.

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