There’s lots to notice this week. Have you noticed how many people have things going on with their eyes and their eyesight? People are concerned about everything from macular degeneration and glaucoma, to eye pressure and eye strain, to cataracts and changes in vision or glasses or lenses.

And have you noticed how we are all fairly easily sailing out of our bodies over this last week? — getting lost in daydreaming, going blank, losing chunks of time during the day, not concentrating real well, easily losing our focus, our place, our line of thinking, feeling disconnected from the tethers that tie us to this time-space, feeling floaty, not quite in our bodies, ungrounded, disoriented???

And here’s a wild one: Have you noticed that the Mercury Retrograde (which began last Sunday) that would normally stop our lives, destroy our schedules, and feel terrible — is actually doing the opposite for us? Have you noticed your world just beginning to slightly open and show promises of moving — starting last weekend???

So let’s look at all of this together. There is a lot going on with sight. Because we have been in a state of betwixt-and-between since the turn of the year, we have indeed been straining to see what’s ahead — and the more impossible it has been to see anything, the more we have been straining to see something, anything!

Everything is in a state of flux, of becoming – and that includes our capacity to vision. I believe that our capacity to envision, to see what’s ahead is shifting from the Third Eye to the Heart. I think that as more and more Truth emerges from the Heart, the Heart can more and more become the place of Knowing, of Seeing.

When a planet goes retrograde in the heavens, it appears to be moving backwards. That backwards, revisiting motion is always an invitation for us to go inward, to travel back through territory we already traversed, to revisit it, to reap the full benefits that remain there, waiting for us. A retrograde is an invitation to go inside, to delve deeper.

And this Mercury Retrograde is just exactly what we have been needing, wanting, right now — because when we turn inward, and delve deeper, what we find is the greater Truth that is emerging from the Heart. This Truth is huge — it is about the real truths of our childhoods, our parents, how we love and are loved, our religions and cultures, our children and significant others, our stories and histories.

All these Truths are bubbling up within us, and will not be turned away again. And their often uncomfortable presences explode out realities, and force us to realize that we have actually never known anything, and everything has to be rewritten, re-envisioned.

We are being pushed in many ways to re-work the entirety of our lives. And so we find ourselves daydreaming and floating around, not fully present in a here-and-now way, as we take the time-space to integrate these new realities, and re-build ourselves — in ways that are in greater alignment with ultimate Truths. So that we can afford to See — from our Hearts.

We may feel ungrounded — but we are grounding into a new level of Consciousness, of Is-ness. You know that “ker-chunk” feeling you get when a Truth lands inside of you? We are landing — for the first time ever.

And it is only when we land — in this new level of Is-ness — that our New World can begin to open before us, and we can hope to begin walking into it. And so, it begins.

What a time!! There is so much information in the Cosmic Times that we can use to enable this transition time to be easier and gentler and more fun! I invite you to join our wonderful Cosmic Times family, and read the February issue, by clicking HERE. When you sign up, you will receive not only the February issue, but the great December 2012 issue as well — so that you will be ready for the April issue, due out in about 4 weeks. I’ll look forward to hearing from you, and seeing you here, next week.

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