The more Love, the more Truth

MP900403378The heart is the Home of Truth. It is said that the great Cherubim reside in the Heart of God, that is, in the deep heart, the Heart of Hearts of each of us. The job of the Cherubim is to be the Guardians of Truth. There was a great Cherub on either side of the Ark of the Covenant. When there was silence from the Ark, the Cherubim faced out, but when the great wargod, Yahweh, spoke out of the Ark, the Cherubim faced in, (as I see it) making certain that Yahweh was speaking Truth. Likewise, the Cherubim residing in our Heart of Hearts, our deep heart, are there to guard these portals, to make sure that our hearts are Portals of Truth.
There is an insistent demand for the truth right now. It no longer agrees to be silenced, to take a back seat to expediency, to play second fiddle. It is taking its rightful place, front and center — and the freer it is to come forward, the more we breathe a sigh of relief, and find ourselves able to let go and relax in ways we’ve never ever known about.

What are we seeing at this time? We are witnessing corruption being exposed and recognized and named in all sorts of places, at all levels of our Human Collective. When corruption is exposed in corporate dealings, there is very little outrage — almost as though it is expected in these places. But the places where corruption is being exposed at this time are those places that came with the mandate to provide sanctuary and enable the emergence of Spirit into our world. And when corruption is exposed in these places, there is a great sense not only of moral outrage, but of betrayal and deep hurt. And we are watching as ones are called to accountability in the Church, in police departments, in spiritual schools and centers, in our children’s schools — and we say, “Finally!” and begin to breathe a little freer, a little deeper.

Being out of alignment consumes massive amounts of energy. When we, as a Collective, are out of alignment, we always have big muscle groups which are hard and taut, trying to pull us into a better balance. As Truth walks to the front of the line, those muscles can begin to let go, and we find ourselves somehow looser, softer, easier.

So many of us right now are finding that new softness in our hearts. We are becoming more aware of how we love and are loved in this world. There is almost an invitation to love better, to be more present, to open our hearts wider, to listen more clearly, to show greater respect, to be more tolerant, more compassionate, more accepting, more gentle. And at the same time, we become very aware of how we are loved — and we are drawing clearer “chalk” lines in our relationships, actively choosing who we wish to be close with, and who we need to distance ourselves from.

Oftentimes, Truth and Love have been seen as polarities, as opposites. The reality is that Truth can only flow through channels of Love — they always come together. The more Love, the more Truth.

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