Monthly archive for August 2014

Very Intense, Very Rich, Very Emotional

So have you had about as much as you can take?? I know (if I am not already there) I am definitely getting to that point! It seems like we just can’t take one more piece of “bad” news, that we just can’t bear to watch any more unraveling, and that just when we think the world can’t possibly get any crazier — it does! Yes, it’s very intense, very rich, very emotional, very demanding, very draining, very very. There seems to be an almost constant, pervasive, incessant re-forming and shattering, re-forming and shattering, re-forming and shattering… Some days

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Keeping Our Feet Moving

The August Cosmic Times is out, and we finally have some ways of understanding the craziness and violence and pain that are disrupting our world right now. And that is helpful and hopeful and comforting — and I also think that most of us feel as though we are reaching our limits in terms of how much sadness and heartbreak we can handle without being overwhelmed by it all. Many of us are feeling like we are neither here nor there, like we are not quite all in our bodies, like we are waiting for… something… like we are

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