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Shedding the Old Skin: What’s Next?

Dear Friends, We so happily bid adieu to one of the toughest months I ever remember living through. This surge toward the Vernal Equinox this last Thursday was one of the most challenging races I have ever attempted to run. The goal was to shed as much of whatever has been holding us in 3-D limitation as we possible could — before the Equinox. And oh, have we been shedding! We’ve been molting, wriggling out of skins that somehow have become too small for us, letting go of those old beliefs and patterns that have kept us limited for

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It seems to me that the whole world must be sad and weepy. Everyone I speak with tells me they are routinely finding that they have fallen into pools of depression, puddles of sadness, that they are crying all the time — and have very little idea why. I find myself tearing up at stupid commercials, having good boo-hoos over the small heart-warming articles in the paper, and working hard to climb out of deep gulches of depression that suddenly gape and threaten to swallow me during the day. I have become very aware how many of us are

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